2013 Game Releases:My Thoughts.

Hello fellow gamers and Bloggers. Nate here to talk to you all about 2013 and what 2013 offers us in terms of games. Next blog about 2013 in gaming will be for the consoles.

As of now we have had several hit releases, DmC:Devil May Cry, Dead Space 3, Ni-No Kuni and soon to come Aliens Colonial Marines and Crysis 3.

This year you have a very good stack of games, even right now you have a pretty good selection to expand your gaming library. Even games from the past 2 years you have a good selection. Right now though I would like to give my thoughts on the current upcoming titles that are not that far away from us and may end up taking your cash and time. Cash and time that may result in cash and time spent well.

Dead Space 3

I've been a fan of Dead Space ever since the first title release and I have played Dead Space 1 and 2 and I have even seen the animated films. I love this series, seeing what Dead Space 3 has to offer and the new things you can do interest me, getting a copy for me now is just a matter of time. Despite mixed reviews from many fans and critics I think people forget that this is Dead Space, it's the action horror game you know and love. I pre-ordered Dead Space 2 without any second thought and enjoyed it 'till the last drop and still play from time to time today.

Now with being able to create your own weapon of mass dismembering, side missions for you to explore abandoned ships hit by the Necromorph infestation, expanding the story with audio logs and text logs keep true to the classic Dead Space formula.

Veterans of Dead Space should consider adding this into your collection to have the Dead Space Trilogy.

Aliens Colonial Marines
I think we all can agree that Aliens, directed by James Cameron was the best Alien movie before Alien 3, Resurrection and the AVP movies were made.

Aliens Colonial Marines serves as the sequel to Aliens, taking place 17 weeks after the events on LV-426. Fans will essentially get to play the much needed GOOD sequel to Aliens.

I myself haven't really played the previous Alien games released, mainly because they all have suffered bad reviews and don't do justice to the series, after seeing much footage of Colonial Marines I have faith that 2K will get this right. The iconic pulse rifle is back and sounds exactly as it did in the movie. The environments you explore will scream Aliens to you and you will wonder through the environments with the motion tracker trying to locate the oncoming horde of Aliens trying to kill you.

The game is sticking VERY close to the movies as little things such as the pool of Bishop's synthetic legs, blood and even the grates which the Alien Queen tried to get Newt are in the same places we saw in the film. You will face familiar enemies and also new types of Aliens to face while also expanding on the Colonial Marines' arsenal of weapons.

It comes out next Tuesday so if you want to pick yourself up a copy, you won't have to wait very long. As for me however I might just get Dead Space 3 instead, but it's a tough decision.

Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance 

I have never actually played any of the previous Metal Gear titles, I've never had a Playstation so Metal Gear wasn't in my library. After playing the demo though I must say I am impressed with the way Revengeance has turned out.

The combat is insane with almost a dozen different ways to cut enemies into pieces, I'm not completely sold on it though but impressed.

I hated the dialogue of the demo, loved the graphics and the gameplay but I though it was to short for a "I must buy this game!" reaction.

However the dork in me screamed "CYBORG NINJAS DUDE!!!!" so I may give this game a shot just because the idea is so cool. I recommend to anyone that you rent the game before you spend 60 dollars on it.

Crysis 3
Crysis was originally a PC exclusive that had the most impressive graphics ever seen in a video game. I played Crysis 2 and although graphically it was impressive I was not honestly blown away by the single player nor the multiplayer.

The Crysis 3 beta came out on January 29th and after a few days of playing it I am not sold on this game. I would've rather played the single player. The game does look impressive but honestly I think it's one of those games that just looks impressive but doesn't impress gameplay wise.

That's just me though, don't let my opinion affect whether or not you'll buy the game.

Bioshock Infinite 

If you can't tell I am very hyped for this game. I've had Bioshock Infinite pre-ordered since late December 2011. It's been delayed and there has hardly been any footage or news about the game released which has just built up the hype to a crazy proportion for me and many fans.

The game looks gorgeous and is all ready contender for 2013 game of the year. I can not wait to see the floating city of Columbia and what is aboard this supposed paradise in the sky.

For anyone who has not played the last two Bioshock titles, you must go out and play Bioshock and Bioshock 2, especially the first one. You are doing yourself a disservice by not playing it and not seeing the 15 minute demo on Youtube.

In Conclusion

2013 will be a good year for gamers. So many good games are coming out and many more are being announced for later release, I myself am just waiting for Bioshock Infinite to be released.

As for you fellow gamers do not let my opinions affect your hype or decision to purchase any of the titles I have mentioned. Stick around and I may just review those titles I talked about.

Next I will talk about the new consoles.

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