Bioshock Review

Hello everyone. Nathan here with another review, this time around we're heading back 6 years to a video game that has received a cult following. A title that many of you may be familiar with seeing as how the next entry in the series is well known as the most hyped and most anticipated game of 2013.

We're looking at Bioshock.

This game is only 6 years old and people still talk about it today. You've either heard about it a lot on Youtube from some of your favorite Youtubers or a friend of yours has told you all about the game.

Le'ts not waste any more time. This is Bioshock.


Bioshock's story is a fantastic story that keeps you interested from beginning to end. As you proceed through the game the story unravels and you slowly discover what has happened to the inhabitants and what drove them insane and what essentially caused the city to be destroyed from the inside.

The story will surprise you with it's surprise moments and revealing to you not only what Rapture was before the civil war but also who your character is and how he somehow is connected with city of Rapture itself.

The story of what happened to Rapture and what it's inhabitants experienced before the civil war is told through personal recorded diaries left throughout the city.These diaries give you a better understanding of what happened to Rapture and what caused it's inhabitants to go insane and turn into Splicers.

Rapture although a simple name of a city is not simple in nature. Rapture has character to it, everyone saw the city in a different way but the way everyone saw and experienced what the city had to offer change right before them. Changing from a sanctuary underwater to be a prison masked as paradise. As you progress through the game, Rapture changes from astounding an awe inspiring scientific achievement to a dark and horrifying place that in the story not only made the inhabitants want escape from this believed to be paradise, but also makes players themselves dread this once welcoming and interesting place.

You fear what Rapture will have in store for you as you proceed, the question comes into your head "What is hidden in the darkest corners of Rapture"

If you are a story heavy gamer. You will love the story of Bioshock.

Aesthetically and atmospherically, Bioshock is gorgeous. Rapture will amaze you with it's atmosphere and design. Although Rapture has been destroyed on the inside it's still an amazing sight to see and you'll start to fall in love with certain locations such as the lush green and beautiful gardens of Arcadia and the flooded yet bright apartments of Olympus Heights.

You see Rapture as a paradise but although the environment says otherwise you somehow feel comfortable exploring these flooded and demolish locations. It still holds it's own compared to most games of today's gaming selection.


Bioshock is a survival horror based first person shooter. Unlike most FPS games though you have more then just your revolver, you have Plasmids. Genetic modifications that allow the user to be able to shock opponents with bolts of lightning or incinerate foes with flames by a snap of your fingers.

These Plasmid abilities range from conventional abilities, to abilites you never thought of using. Causing a swarm of insects to attack opponents, setting cyclone traps underneath your enemies feet to see them hurdle through the air. These abilities allow you to create combat tactics and will help you take on the several different types of Splicers while also taking on the iconic authority figure of Rapture. The Big Daddy.

The Big Daddy protects these girls known as the Little Sister. These girls have been implanted with the underwater parasite that contains the DNA alternating substance known as ADAM.

You want to defeat the Big Daddy to obtain more ADAM so you can upgrade your Plasmid abilities and also modify your characters abilities and strengths with Physical, Combat and Engineering tonics that either give you faster movement speed or give you the ability to become invisible by standing still to hide from opponents.

The way you purchase important supplies such as ammo, med-kits and resources to create unique ammo types are by the vending machines located throughout Rapture, The Circus of Value and El Ammo Bandito. If you want to save money you can hack these machines by playing a mini-game puzzle where you need to connect all the right pipes to make the water flow into the goal without heading into short circuits or alarm wires. This mini-game however is used every time and it does become very repetitive, they do become more difficult as you progress through the game. You don't need to hack every vending machine you see but there are certain tonics and rewards for hacking the machines, or you can use auto-hack tools you find or buy the instant hacked machine for a steep price.

You will though repeat this pattern of. Defeating splicers, find key item, proceed to key location to realize you need to fight more splicers before you can fully proceed to the next area. Although repetitive it's still fun, most guns repeat the same pattern over and over to the point it becomes dull, but unique events, new weapons with new and unique plasmids will keep the gameplay fresh and addictive.

The Verdict

Bioshock is 6 years old but is still a fun and unique experience for anyone who is interested in something new. This game has no comparison and can not be seen as a game similar to any game currently on the market, and this is what gives the game it's cult following, it's a game that is not like any other and it's unique story, atmosphere and gameplay is what makes it different from any other game on the market, even today.

Although it may not be to everyone's liking I still recommend that you try it out for yourself.

Bioshock gets an excellent....9/10

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