Dead Space 3 Review

Dead Space fans old and new do not worry. Although many critics and reviews out there have said that Dead Space 3 has not kept to it's original survival-horror roots, it is justified fear but ultimately Dead Space 3 does not miss it's chance to scare you.

It has not changed so much that it is just an action game(in fact many people say Dead Space is action-horror) in fact Dead Space 3 scares you more than the original Dead Space and Dead Space 2. As a veteran Dead Space player and who has played both Dead Space games religiously, I was scared and even panicked at the mere sound of a Necromorph.

With that said let's start the review.

200 years before the events the entire Dead Space trilogy there was a Necromorph outbreak on the planet known as Tau Volantis, The Marker Homeworld. Unfortunately the people there were not able to destroy the Markers or "The Machine" capable of destroying the source of Markers that would make the rest of the Markers across the galaxy unable to create a Necromorph outbreak.

Fast forward 200 years later and 6 months after the events of Dead Space 2. Issac is in shambles, still with the knowledge of how to make Markers burning in his head Issac can't live a normal life and ends up breaking up with Ellie(from Dead Space 2) in the process.

Unfortunately Issac forcefully brought to help stop the Unitoligists again by finding Ellie and heading to The Marker Homeworld to stop Convergence.

The story is great and like the last Dead Space titles keeps your interest through out the entire game. However there is one problem I find with the story, the characters.

Some of the characters are actually focused on the mission at hand but some instead bicker and argue over trivial details that don't have anything to do with the events that just happened, huge key events occur and instead the characters argue with each other.

Norton for instance in the game(SPOILERS!!!)is Ellie's new boyfriend and in fact stalls Issac's progress to stop the Unitoligists, in fact at one point leaves him to die so that way Norton and Ellie can escape alive and letting the Unitoligists begin Convergence.

This is the one problem I have with the story and it's ridiculous to see these characters focus on these things over the fact that humanity will die if they don't complete the mission.

Dead Space 3 is gorgeous and terrifying. The set pieces and locations you discover through exploring the 200 year old space graveyard, stumbling through the frozen environment of Tau Volantis.

The spectacular lighting and dark desolate atmosphere of the abandoned space ships reminds you of exploring the empty hallways of the Ishimura from the original Dead Space.

Dead Space 3 is still eye candy.


Dead Space 3 still plays like the last 2 games there are new additions to the game which change things up. Now instead of picking up a new weapon in the later levels you can create and build your own powerful weapon through the new BENCH crafting system. Resources will be in the lockers and will drop after killing Necromorphs, allowing you to build certain weapon parts and tools.

I myself was able to create a spear-mini-gun with an under-barrel flamethrower that bathes the Necromorphs in acid, it's probably the best weapon I've made so far.

Necromorphs also are given a new twist, the Necromorphs are more fierce and aggressive, cornering you and charging at you swiftly giving you a small amount of time and this time ACTUALLY surprise you. In previous Dead Space titles there were obvious hints and clues to when and where the Necromorphs will come out to attack. You'll calmly walk or run down corridors in absolute silence and they'll attack.

Necromorphs actually come in bigger numbers, one missed shot from anything could result in your death.

Also in Dead Space 3 is the addition of side missions, these missions allow you to explore more of the area to find abandoned ships and mining facilities filled with resources and have more information to what happened before Issac's arrival to Tau Volantis. These missions can be skipped to follow the main missions, either way you're looking at 15-22 hours worth of gameplay.

On top of that you could play through again with a friend in Dead Space 3's co-op mode, do not worry, if you want to play solo you will still play solo, co-op is a separate game mode and even story sequence. The main story is the same but playing co-op with a friend will allow you to go to new areas, listen to new dialogue and face tougher versions of the Necromorphs.

Dead Space 3 has a lot of replay-ability with higher difficulties not only for the campaign but also with challenge modes. New Game+ which allows players to play through the campaign again but on a higher difficulty if preffered and all your items you had before you beat the game or you could play through again on Classic Mode which makes the game play like the original Dead Space and only allowing players to make new weapons by picking up weapon blueprints. Pure Survival Mode which means there will be no loose or stray resources or items on the ground, only enemies will drop resources when defeated and Hardcore mode, you only have 1 life throughout the entire campaign and the game is much tougher than the Impossible difficulty.

Combine all of the difficulties, the challenge modes, the weapon crafting, solo campaign and co-op campaign mode you're looking at a game well worth 60 bucks.

The Verdict

Dead Space is the strongest entry into the Dead Space franchise. The cinematic story combined with the terrifying and addicting gameplay with higher difficulty modes and challenge modes WITH co-op on top of that and the "Awakened" DLC coming soon.

Honestly the only thing that I hate in the game is the characters' reaction to the major and horrifying events that occur in front of them.

Dead Space 3 will have you playing for hours and hours until everything that can be done in the game, is done.

Dead Space 3 earns a solid 9/10

Thank you for your time, I hope you've enjoyed and you'll join me next time.

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