Call of Duty Black Ops 2: TAC.45 Handgun Weapon Guide

Hello everyone and welcome back to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides. Today we are going to be looking at the most powerful handgun in Black Ops 2. The TAC.45.

Weapon Profile/History

The FN FNP-45 Tactical Handgun was produced in Belgium and the United States for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program and fires the 45 ACP round and hosts many unique features that no other handgun can offer the user.

A weapon designed for easy use, with minimal recoil, a healthy magazine size, easy to prepare for combat situations in any type of setting. The TAC.45 is the successor to the 1911 handgun.

Weapon Performance
The TAC.45 is a powerful handgun which is unlocked at Level 4 as part of Create-A-Class, the same time you unlock the Five-Seven. On par with the Five-Seven in terms of damage but where the Five-Seven has the advantage in magazine size, fire rate and low recoil, the TAC.45 does not.

The TAC.45 deals 55 damage up close and 19 at a distance, a two hit kill up close and 3-5 at a distance. Reload speed is decent for handguns at 1.45 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine and 1.8 if you used up the entire clip.

You will be doing a frequent amount of reloading with the TAC.45 as the weapon only holds 10 rounds per clip. Extended Mags only gives you 3 more rounds but it actually makes a bigger difference then you would think.

Range damage is where the TAC.45 has a huge advantage. At a range of 3 meters the Five-Seven's damage would start to drop, with the TAC.45 your damage doesn't start to drop until 9 meters. At a range of 56 meters the Tac.45 will deal it's least amount of damage, but any target at that long of a distance you want to avoid using a handgun to take down. The TAC.45 is best up close and out to a medium range.

Rate of fire is slow at only 625 rounds per minute. Although a fast trigger finger will cure the weapon of it's slow fire you may end up causing the weapon to jam if you pull the trigger too fast.

With this slow fire rate means very controllable recoil. The recoil is low to moderate. The weapon will kick to the right after a constant amount of fire, controlling how frequent the gun is fired will give you maximum accuracy and will only kick up if done right.

Which will not be a hard thing to do seeing as how the iron sights are clean.

The TAC.45 is a powerful weapon up close and serves a strong back up in many close quarter fights. The best weapons to pair with the TAC.45 are Assault Rifles and LMGs. You want to use the TAC.45 on weapons that lack a close quarter ability, I know many of you are thinking about pairing the TAC.45 with Sniper Rifles but a different handgun is more useful for the Snipers.

In my experience with the TAC.45 I found it to be the most reliable close quarter handgun I have ever used, the magazine may be low but disposing of weapons in close quarters was made easy with the TAC.45's high damage, even medium range engagements were made easy with the TAC.45's range damage.

So for this build we will focus on getting you up close to your opponents and being able to eliminate them quickly.

Class Build

First in order to give the TAC.45 even greater close quarter ability you will need the Secondary Gunfighter Wild Card.

Your first attachment should be Fast Mags. The reload time will be cut in half and you'll be able to take on another opponent easily when the magazine is topped off.

Your second attachment should be the Tactical Knife. A quick stabbing knife is at your ready, prepared to take on anyone that either catches you off guard or you want to get rid of quickly without revealing your position to your opponents.

For your perk set up you will need the Perk 3 Greed Wild Card.

Lightweight, Scavenger and Dexterity paired with Extreme Conditioning will keep you agile, supplied and mobile to close gaps between you and your opponents. Taking flanking routes and surprising the opposition with your presence.

Your last point should be used for a tactical grenade. Either the Sensor Grenade, Concussion, Shock Charge or Flash Bang will give you the advantage you need in order to take out enemies with ease. Clearing out rooms or passage ways of opponents with no opposition and knowing their location so you know where to make your strike.

You might not become the most popular player in the lobby, but it is a sacrifice to make in order to ensure you can kill every opponent with ease.

The TAC.45 has power and deadly close quarter ability. Lacking a fast fire rate and laser beam like accuracy of the Five-Seven is where the TAC.45 looses but makes up for it in an advantage in range damage and of course power.

The best places to use it are maps with good close quarter settings such as Hijacked, Drone, Raid and Plaza.

You want to use this weapon in close quarters and only close quarters. For that is where the TAC.45 will deal the most damage.

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed. My next weapon guide will be on the first available special weapon. The Crossbow.

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