Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Crossbow Special Weapon guide.

Hello everyone, back again for another Black Ops 2 weapon guide.

Today we're looking unique and powerful special weapon of the Black Ops multiplayer. The Crossbow.

Weapon History
Originally the Crossbow was seen back in the original Black Ops. Back then the weapon was not as popular or well liked as the Ballistic Knife, those who mastered the Crossbow in Black Ops knew how useful the Crossbow actually was.

The Crossbow returns but with more functions and attachments then it's predecessor.

Weapon Performance
In game, the Crossbow is a high damage weapon and is unlocked at Level 25. Capable of killing an enemy in one shot if the bolt fired sticks to the opponent or the opponent has been heavily damaged and the opponent has been caught in the blast radius.

Unlike the previous Black Ops version of the Crossbow, you instead get 3 shots per magazine and 3 spare shots, in total you have 6 shots(unless Scavenger is equipped)

The Crossbow, if stuck to an opponent will deal a massive amount of damage of 200 points of the bolt is stuck successfully on the opponent, 75 if the opponent is caught in the blast radius and 50 upon direct impact.

The Crossbow is capable of taking out opponents at a very far distance, however depending on your accuracy and precise measuring of when the bolt fired will start to drop will either mean your loss or victory against the idle sniper or gunner from across the alley way or in the window.

At a distance of roughly 9-11 meters. Meaning that when an opponent staring at you from a far distance will mean you have to aim the Crossbow slightly higher then where the opponent is perched. Unless long range combat doesn't come in to the situation the bolt will travel in a straight line, stick to your opponent and explode a few seconds after impact, your opponent does have a small window to still kill you upon realizing your location but if done successfully you can stick an opponent and get behind cover before the opponent can take you out.

The iron sights on the Crossbow are very useful and accurate for measuring the height at where you need to shoot down your opponents.

Here are the attachments you can equip use on the Crossbow.

Reflex Sight

The Reflex sight replaces the iron sights with a precision red dot sight. Depending on how many kills and challenges you achieved while using the Reflex Sight on other weapons, you could find the proper dot design to aid you in measuring the height at which you need to take down opponents at long distances.

ACOG Scope

The ACOG scope grants you more zoom and could be used to spot opponents easier at a long distance. However what you gain in zoom you loose in peripheral vision, you'll be unaware of opponents to the left or right of you if they manage to come into your now obscured line of sight.

Dual Band Scope

The Dual Band Scope is the Thermal Sight of Black Ops 2. While making opponents heavily visible by showing them in hot bright yellow, opponents with Cold Blooded will only appear as grey blobs. The Dual Band doesn't affect accuracy in any way but it's effectiveness is subject to chance that your opponents do not have Cold Blooded equipped.

Variable Zoom Scope

The Variable Zoom grants a sniper like scope. This scope can be used to take out opponents at range and can be used to measure the height of the shot at which you can stick an opponent.

Tri-Bolt Shot

The Tri-Bolt attachment allows you to fire 3 bolts at one pull of the trigger. The bolts spread out mildly and is possible to stick multiple opponents or take out opponents with the explosive power of the bolt.

If you hip-fire with the Crossbow the bolts spread at random but you could possibly still stick an opponent up close. However you will need Scavenger to keep your crossbow supplied seeing as how each shot uses up one magazine.

 This class build will only see the Crossbow used as a Secondary and will keep you supplied to take on opponents at long range.

Class Build

If you use SMGs or Shotguns then the Crossbow is the weapon you want to use to round out the long range capability. With these particular perks and wild cards equipped.

First, the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard is required.

Combine Scavenger with Fast Hands to keep supplied and being able to quickly switch between your weapons to switch back and forth easily to snipe your opponents and mow them down in close quarters.

For the third tier perk Dexterity is required in order to be quickly able to aim down the sights to take out your opponents.

Attachment wise I do not have a strong recommendation, it all comes down to experimentation and personal preference.

The Verdict

The Crossbow is a low powered sniper secondary. Able to take out opponents at long distances without worrying about range damage and the opponent escaping from your sight.

A weapon however that requires patience and precise accuracy. It has a bit of a learning curve but can quickly be mastered.

If Sniper Rifles are not to your preferred weapon of choice then the idea of sniping opponents with a Crossbow equipped with an explosive tipped bolt may gain your interest.

Oh, and for fun, I will be making a Walking Dead:Daryl Dixon class set up later in the week after experimenting with a few different perk combinations.

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