Titanfall(360) Review

At long last I had my chance to play this game.

For last few weeks I have been scoping out my local video store for Titanfall for the 360. Twice I arrived to rent and return videos and a game, both times there was no copy.


I quickly ran to the 360 section to see if they had a copy...AND THEY DID!

I took it, got out as soon as possible.

I put in the game, installed the HD content and it was......awesome.


On the 360 I wasn't expecting to get all the great detail of the Xbox One version of Titanfall, with that said, I was kind of impressed to see how well the game was ported from Xbox One to Xbox 360.

Aside from that, everything looks pretty cool. Weapons have this nice futuristic design to them and the locations you play on will give off a great sci-fi like feel to these areas.

You'll be on planets with different monsters and aliens either surrounding the map or in the map, bones of even bigger creatures found on the maps and massive billboards, sometimes digital, in the cities you play on.

The Titans are of course massive and have a dominating presence once you see them in action on the battlefield.

If you have ever been tired of looking at the same old urban environments, typical industrial areas and same old same old 'tropical' locations, Titanfall gets rid of those cliched areas.


Ladies and gentlemen....the center of what makes Titanfall so great...the gameplay.

It has been so long since I have played a game that is so much fun playing from the minute I start the game to the moment I turn off the game.

The moment I started blasting enemies away with my assault rifle, the moment I began to run on walls and jump head first into the fray to then come out on top was an amazing experience I have not enjoyed in a long time. CoD had those moments, but they would be short lived due to someone knifing me or someone camping in the corner.

This does not happen in Titanfall.

However, there is something I must point out about some aspects of the game.

For instance, the campaign mode,the story is not really important.

When you play the campaign, which is just multiplayer with story based missions, there is no focus on the story nor is there a reason to even really care about what's going on in the story.

Throughout all the action and chaos going on in these matches, the story is overshadowed by what's going on in these matches. Nobody really cares about the story, almost every character introduced in the game's "story" I either didn't know who they were or what role they played. I cared more about playing the game.

Also, there's no real impact from either winning or losing certain campaign missions in the game. The story didn't veer off into another direction or the other regardless of how awesome a job my team did or how hard we lost. It just moved along, regardless whether we won or lost.

When it comes to the weapons, although really fun and AWESOME to use, there is a lack of weapon variety. You will come across some really cool weapons but you won't see a whole heck of a lot of weapons to use.

Primaries and Side-arm weapons are limited.

But again, really cool.

Another thing that takes down the game a couple of points is also the lack of game modes to play. When it comes down to it you're not really going to be playing a lot of game modes besides Hardpoint and Attrition(Domination and Team Deathmatch).

The Verdict

Titanfall is a breath of fresh air in a genre where(unfortunately) the dominating game in the genre is recycled over and over.

*cough *cough*

It does not follow typical FPS rules or try to be like other shooters. It is it's own game and delivers you an experience like no other FPS game can deliver.

I do not recommend buying the game straight off of the shelf though.

Borrow the game from a friend(if possible) or rent it from Gamefly before you consider buying Titanfall.

There isn't exactly much in terms of value. You only get Campaign and Multiplayer, but the game makes it up with a really great experience.

Titanfall gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

Thank you for reading.

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