Battlefield 4 Weapon Guides: M1911

A common problem I find with most handguns in Battlefield is I can never decide on which handgun I can rely on to finish the job my primary weapon started.

Luckily DICE made the M1911.

This is the M1911 in Battlefield 4.


The 8th side-arm in the secondary category, the M1911 is unlocked after earning a Handgun score of 34,000.

It's lowest damage at range is 15.4 units of damage and it's maximum damage in close quarters is 36.6 units of damage. The weapon fires the unique .45 ACP round.

The fire rate is rather slow compared to most other handguns. The M1911 fires only at a rate of 310 RPM, whereas handguns like the P226 fire at 400 RPM, the FN57 fires at 455 RPM and the CZ-75 at a fire rate of 380 RPM.

Range is surprisingly good,  damage does not begin to drop until reaching  close or past 8 meters, you will reach the minimum amount of damage of 15.4 at exactly or pass 40 meters.

Magazine size is very poor at only 7 rounds +1 in the chamber. You will have to be reloading frequently when using this handgun. Fortunately for you the reload speed is good at 1.2 seconds with rounds still in the magazine and 1.28 seconds when you empty the clip.

The muzzle velocity is ok at 270 meters per second without the suppressor and 160 meters per second when the suppressor is equipped.

Personal Thoughts 

 I found the M1911to be the handgun with more a constant performance and handling, unlike some of the other handguns where the performance ranges from solid to sloppy.

The FN57 handgun is the prime example of a gun that in my experience, one instance would take an opponent down easily and then the next I would end up struggling to take my opponent down.

The M1911 did not have that problem.

If I wanted to take an opponent down, he would go down, there was no question. The only thing that did end up being a problem was the magazine size. 8 rounds even with a strong handgun like the M1911 will prove to be a problem if more than one enemy shows up to blast you to bits with any other weapon.

When it came to the attachments, this is where I think you are free to customize the weapon however you want to.

I mixed and matched attachments, used a few optic attachment options, some barrel attachments as well but there wasn't really any particular build that improved the performance of the M1911 so well that I used the M1911 with a specific build.

So when it comes to recommended attachments, the choice is yours.

Heck you could go into a match with a stock M1911 with no modifications and you can still do a good job with the M1911.

The Verdict

The M1911's number one problem is the small magazine. The second problem is the somewhat slow fire rate. What redeems the M1911 for these shortcomings is the damage, range, reload speed and performance.

It's also a weapon that can do well without adding any attachments to the gun. No barrel attachments or optic attachments required to improve any aspects of the guns' performance.

Maybe some of the other handguns are not working for you, maybe no matter which attachments you equip on the secondary it's still not getting the job done.

The M1911 will be there to make sure you will always get the job done.

Thanks for reading.

Next time, I'll be reviewing the MG4.

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