Resident Evil: Revelations(Console) Review

My fellow Resident Evil fans.

There is hope yet for Resident Evil.

Resident Evil: Revelations, which was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS. Was released last year on the 7th gen consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3.

I recently rented Revelations from Gamefly and after playing it....there is hope.

Something different I'll be doing from now on is not covering the story. All I will be covering will be the presentation and gameplay and multiplayer when there is a game with online multiplayer.


Resident Evil Revelations sees a good transition from 3DS to home console. The atmosphere feels like classic Resident Evil.

Claustrophobic environments, dark hallways and blood stained walls and the occasional corpse with limbs removed or holes in the abdomen.

I found myself feeling the same sense of dread I have felt in previous Resident Evil titles once more and loving every minute of it. Like the mansion from RE1, there's more to the Queen Zenobia than meets the eye.

The enemies especially are something that leaves the player to imagine just what exactly is all the stuff on their bodies and what caused their mutations.

The sun is not out and the power is out in most of the ship. You're not going to like that sound coming from the other end of the hallway.


Like the presentation, the gameplay returns to classic Resident Evil.

Ammo is scarce, herbs are spread far apart and weapons to defend yourself are limited.

I found myself struggling to maintain ammo and health seeing as how the Ooze would be very resistant of my shots and I did not have any other weapon to defend myself aside from my pistol and knife. You go through large stretches of the game without many weapons or much ammo, it's up to you to maintain your resources as carefully as possible.

The game does make some changes along the way. Using the knife is no longer a long and slow process, you can now quickly jab enemies with one pull of the trigger. Characters will have different melee weapons and moves exclusive to them so you might find yourself slowly recovering from a swing of a small hand axe.

The new enemies known as the Ooze are the replacement for zombies, but some familiar faces do return.

The Ooze and the familiar enemies are probably the more threatening enemies than zombies and ganados combined.  They're fast, agile and can easily overwhelm you if you make one single mistake. You really cannot think of the Ooze or the familiar enemies as  they were back in earlier RE titles, slowly moving in and planning their next attack. They know exactly how to approach you and kill you, you need to be one step ahead.

The tactical items like grenades return and like the knife you only have to press one button to use the item. It does help make some more breathing room for you but enemies will become stronger as the game progresses so you can't get yourself out of a tight corner by simply throwing a grenade.

Raid Mode

When you're not struggling to survive and advancing in the plot, you can struggle for survival in Raid Mode.

For RE fans, think of it as a mix between EX Battle Mode and The 4th Survivor Bonus mode from RE2 meets Resident Evil Mercenaries.

Raid Mode has you playing on multiple stages based on the locations you have explored throughout the campaign.

It takes this RPG like approach to the combat of the mode where enemies will have a level above their heads as well as their health and whenever you shoot the enemy, a number will pop up indicating how much damage your shot inflicted on the enemy.

Your objective in each stage is to either reach a particular location or room in the stage while dealing with every enemy you encounter in the stage. Each stage will have a certain enemy set and will have enhanced enemies along the way.

Enemies with increased defense, increase speed or increased strength.

Before you play each stage you have the option of choosing a character to use to complete the stage. Each character will have their own perks such as increased reload speed for shotguns, increased fire rate for handguns or bonus melee damage.

It's a nice bonus mode for replayability and collecting weapons for your characters to use in later Raid stages.

The Verdict

Resident Evil has been heading in a direction which many fans don't like. An action game with Resident Evil on the box.

Revelations goes back to the Resident Evil roots where you're down to basic survival weapons and tools. Ammo is almost non-existent and  medical supplies are a rare sight to see.

For Resident Evil fans this is a game you should play to see Resident Evil return to what made Resident Evil so enjoyable in the first place.

Revelations gets a good 7 out of 10

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