Battlefield 4 Weapon Guide: M16A4 Assault Rifle

I don't know how many of you used the M16 before the patch, but to those of you that did.

Good news!

This is the M16A4 in Battlefield 4.

Stats and Performance

The M16A4 returns from Battlefield 3 in the Assault Rifle category, unlocked when you reach an Assault Rifle Score of 59,000 points.

Dealing a minimum damage of 18 at a distance and 25 units of damage up close. On par with most other assault rifles in the category.

The weapon only has two firing modes: Burst and Semi-Automatic. The fire rate is good at 800rpm with every round traveling at a rate of 650 meters per second with the damage drop off beginning at 8 meters and completely falling off beyond 55 meters.

The magazine size is the standard for most of the assault rifles at 30 rounds plus one in the chamber. Reload speed is FAST at 1.8 seconds when there are still rounds in the previous magazine and 2.37 seconds when the gun is empty.

Recoil is fairly light, depending on how many times you pull the trigger while using the burst fire mode. Recoil kicks up lightly but drifts to the right very quickly. This is a result of the patch uploaded recently. Pre-patch, the weapon would kick up.....

You could fire only 2 bursts or 3 and the recoil would kick up like a mule. Now the recoil is much lighter and does not kick up as much as it used to

However, long range engagements are difficult if you fire the weapon like crazy. Up close?


Helping you track your targets(without an optic attachment) is an ok set of iron sights.

Look familiar? Yes, those are the exact same iron sights from BF3.

Personal Experience and Attachment Recommendations

My experience with the weapon was actually something that surprised me. In my entire Battlefield career, burst fire weapons were not my best weapons. My trigger finger would end up getting to happy and then the gun would go flying up in the air, leaving me to be slaughtered by my opponent.

That was the case with M16 before the patch, post patch, I can take down people left and right with this weapon.

Optic attachments of course did help greatly when taking on enemies, especially targets at long distances. The attachment that helped the best was actually the Muzzle Brake.

As soon as I started experimenting with grips and muzzle attachments,two attachments helped greatly.

The Muzzle Brake and Compensator.

Both attachments helped lessen the chance of the gun drifting off of target and sky rocketing in the air from firing the weapon so much. I could pull the trigger and fire the gun so much it would almost become fully automatic.

When it came to grip attachments, the Angled Grip had the best performance combined with the Muzzle Brake and Compensator

So for your loadout of the M16A4.

For optics, it's up to you what you want to equip.

The Reflex Sight, Holographic, ACOG etc. are all good optic attachments to use.

Your muzzle attachment should be the Muzzle Brake or the Compensator and your underbarrel attachment should be the Angled Grip.

You'll have a good weapon for medium and some ranged engagements with good accuracy and stability.

Thank you for reading.

I hope this will turn out to be useful for many of you when
you're out on the battlefield.

Please join me again when I'll be covering the legendary M1911 handgun.

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