Glenn Beck Believes Watch_Dogs is Teaching People to Hack in Real Life

It's no surprise to many of us in the gaming community that a lot of people believe that violent video games are 'training' players to either kill, steal or more recently hack, at least that's what Glenn Beck thinks.

For those of you who don't know who Glenn Beck is he's a conservative pundit. He's been on Fox News, he's now got his own network called "The Blaze." Recently he talked about Watch_Dogs on his show.

Go to 3:58 in the video and that's when he'll start talking about Watch_Dogs.

Did you hear that? Apparently Watch_Dogs is teaching you to hack into Glenn Beck's iPad!

I'm no hacking expert but I think hacking is not that easy as Watch_Dogs makes it out to be.

This is not Glenn Beck's first time saying something completely ignorant about video games, in fact, he's had other people come onto his show talking about violent video games. Categorizing violent video games as "training simulators."

So Watch_Dogs is teaching kids today how to hack into cameras, phones, iPads and televisions. Grand Theft Auto is creating gang bangers to kill cops.

To be fair though, Glenn Beck does make a good point when it comes to how addicted we are to electronics and other things like coffee and smoking. True, it would be hard to tell someone "No Facebook for three days."

But to his comments about how Watch_Dogs is "This game is teaching people to hack into whatever is docked in your bedroom."

I'm pretty sure Watch_Dogs is not doing that. It is unfair of me to say that though, I have not played the game, but from what I've seen, they are not giving you a step by step tutorial on how to actually do that in the real world. I am pretty sure people are not going to come out of playing an hour or so of Watch_Dogs thinking they know how to hack into anything.

In the same way I know I cannot revive someone after being shot by a shotgun with a defibrillator(hope you guys get the reference).

I think I have said this before in a past post,

I find it so ironic, that those of us who dwell within fantasy, those of us who dwell into things dipped deeply into fiction and imagination, have a better grasp of reality than those of us who dwell deeply into non-fiction.

Those who do not understand the concept of imagination or fantasy will always be there to accuse the fantasy of being too real. There will be those of us who know that the fantasy is not real and we know how to react to the events in the fantasy.

No matter how many psychological studies are done that find that there is no direct link to violent video games and actual violence. No matter how many times a real gun is used.

The virtual gun will always be blamed and people like Glenn Beck will be there to point the finger.

It's our job to defend ourselves from being accused of something we're not.

We're not murderers, we're not hackers, we're not experts in modern military combat.

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