Resogun (PS4 Exclusive) Review

Hello everyone.

Well, as of last week on Thursday. The Playstation 4 came to the house.

The UPS truck stopped by, the man handed me the giant box, pulled off the bubble wrap, opened the box and saw the sleek black box that is the Playstation 4.

Set up the console, connected to PSN and began my experience with Resogun.

Free for PS Plus members, Resogun is a great game to begin your Playstation experience.

Let's begin.

(No story/plot to the game so we're jumping straight into the presentation)


Resogun looks amazing on the Playstation 4. Many particle effects fill the screen with all sorts of colorful explosions and lasers being shot from  all types of directions and dozens upon dozens of enemies populating the screen.

At 1080p running at 60fps, there is no screen tearing or  frame rate drops to happen in this game. Even when some of the biggest of explosions take place on screen, the console will not be burdened by the vast explosions.

It's colorful sci-fi design will be eye candy to many of those who download this game.


Resogun is good, clean fun game of the Playstation game.

The idea is simple.

You have a choice of 3 ships to use, each which have their own unique stats that will either have better damage or will have less damage in favor of another ability, you need to fend off an alien invasion to save the last remaining humans.

This leads to you standing alone against many alien ships zeroing on your ship, firing all sorts of weapons at you to stop you from saving the last few humans.

In other words.

It's stylized side scrolling shooting goodness. It's a fun arcade game to play to challenge your high scores as well as your friends' high scores.

Resogun is one of those games you can turn on after coming back from school or work, turn off your brain and start blasting away at dozens of aliens, raising that multiplyer to get a higher score.

There are also Power Ups to collect during the levels you play on which will give you stronger lasers to blast the alien space ships apart. These power ups make your lasers ridiculously fun to use. You can fly smack dab in the middle of an armada of alien ships only to come out untouched and every space ship destroyed in a manner of seconds. The upgrades don't make you invincible, but they sure will make you feel like you are.

Another cool aspect of the game is that it uses the Dualshock 4 speaker to tell the players things like the main objective of the game, tell players when the 'Overdrive' ability is charged and ready to use, when the player gets an extra life or the primary weapons have been upgraded through picking up a power up.

It's a game that gives a small glimpse into what the PS4 is capable of.

The Verdict

Resogun is a great game to add to your PS4 library.

It doesn't involve gore, getting that quick scope headshot to win the game or run through the map with a tank to help your team.

It's a game that's meant for you to sit down, relax and simply blast away alien spaceships.

With the unique style and colorful explosions and ships populating the screen, it is eye candy for anyone who downloads this title.

It's a nice game to get along with your PS Plus subscription.

Resogun gets an excellent 9 out of 10.

Thanks for reading.

Look for my Playstation 4 console review coming soon.

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