Battlefield 3 Weapon Guides: M4A1 Carbine

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my 2nd in a series of weapon guides for Battlefield 3.

Today, we're going to be looking at the default carbine rifle for the US Engineer Kit.

The M4A1.


The M4 rifle is a carbine derived from the M16 rifle design. More specifically, the M4 rifle was derived from the M16A2 design. Lighter, shorter and every other aspect, engineered the same as the M16A2.

Gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire, shoulder-fired weapon.

The M4A1 on the other hand, is a fully automatic variant of the M4 rifle; intended for special operations use. The M4A1 is used in almost all U.S. special operation units; Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALS etc.

The M4A1 is also planned to replace every M4 carbine rifle and M16 rifle in 2014.

Game Performance

In game, the M4A1 is the default Carbine rifle for the U.S. Engineer kit.

The weapon is a short to medium range carbine that fires at 800 RPM. Each round fired will travel at a velocity of 580 meters per second, the weapon only has two firing modes. The maximum range of the rifle is 870 meters, pass that range and the bullets will more than likely fall to the ground of the map.

Each shot fired will deal 25 units of damage up close and 14.3 units of damage at a distance, distant fire fights is something you should avoid with the M4.

Recoil is not terrible but it is a factor you should consider when customizing your weapon.

The M4A1 has a recoil value of .26 up, .1 to the left and .4 to the right, in a nutshell, think of the M16A3's recoil but in a smaller package.

To help you stay on target, the iron sights of the M4A1 are the same as the M16, albeit a little smaller.

What the M16A3 both suffer from are small iron sights and moderate recoil, what they both enjoy however is a relatively quick reload speed.

If you still have rounds in the magazine you'll be able to reload in 1.85 seconds and 2.45 if the magazine was empty. Both the M16A3 and the M4 also have is a 30 round magazine, including the one extra bullet that's in the chamber.

Personal Experience/Recommendations

I actually had an easier time using this weapon without attachments and with attachments than I did with the M16A3.

I did notice though my magazine would deplete rather quickly. So I had to make sure every shot count, otherwise I'd be left defenseless.

Like I mentioned earlier, avoid distant engagements.......


You will not get ANYWHERE trying to use the M4 for distant engagements.

Even with the Heavy Barrel you'll hardly get anywhere with distant engagements. It can throw the fight just a tiny bit in your favor, but not enough to secure the kill.

So for my recommended weapon set up.

Equip the M4A1 with the Red Dot Sight, unlocked at 10 kills.

Then the only other attachment you should equip should be the Foregrip which is unlocked at 30 kills.

Why no other attachments you may ask?

The M4A1 is only designed for close and medium range engagements, any other form of engagement and the M4A1 won't be able to help you win the firefight. Maps like Norshar Canals, Ziba Tower and Scrapmetal would be suitable maps to use the M4A1.

The Verdict

The M4A1 is identical to the M16A3, in certain aspects the M4A1 is not, such as distant engagements.

The M16A3 has a slightly better edge in distant combat than the M4A1.

Overall, the M4A1 is a decent default weapon of the Engineer Kit. It's not the best default weapon but in the right circumstances it can be a contender for the best default Engineer weapon.

Thanks for reading.

I've just got into Battlefield 4 on the PS4 so look forward to seeing some BF4 weapon guides.

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