Lindsay Lohan suing Rockstar, Man shot over PS4 & PS4 fastest selling console in the UK

Hello everyone.

Nate here, heading back into writing about the gaming news of the day.

What a day to get back into the most of you can tell, I'm going to be starting with THOSE stories....

Lindsay Lohan Suing Rockstar over 'likeness'


This is a rumor as of now so take this with a grain of salt.

Lindsay Lohan is supposedly ready to sue Rockstar, developer of GTA V, over certain female characters seen in the game.

According to TMZ, there is 3 pieces of evidence that Lohan will use to sue Rockstar.

1. Is an in-game missions that has players escorting an actress known as Lacey Jones safely away from paparazzi. TMZ is suggesting that Lohan thinks Lacey has been designed to resemble her, the missions in question is poking fun at Lohan's colorful history with photographers.

2. Another mission that takes place in a fictional version of the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood; this hotel is visited frequently by Lohan and is where Lohan used to live for a period of time.

3. The popular piece of artwork from the game that shows a blonde woman holding the iFruit phone that is taking a selfie. Supposedly, this woman represents Lohan. Though some fans have argued that the blonde woman is to represent Kate Upton, meanwhile, Shelby Wellinder, a British actress/model. Told NowGamer that she was the star of the image, she even produced a pay check to prove it.

Lindsay Lohan nor Rockstar games has made a comment.

Which really tells me someone is just faffing, but I'll get to that later.

Sale of Playstation 4 game system results in man shot


Oh dear god....

A man who had arranged online to sell the Playstation 4 was robbed of the item and was shot Sunday afternoon in the San Francisco Bayview District. The man who was shot is in his early 20s, shot multiple times around 3:30 in the afternoon.

He was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital, where he unfortunately later died.

Police officers were investigating the neighborhood where the man was shot, looking for any surveillance footage which could have led to an arrest.

Makes you hate the world doesn't it?

Playstation 4 beats the Xbox One at UK launch


Ending on good news, really seems out of place considering the last story.....

According to date from the Gfk Chart-Track(don't ask), the PS4 has now earned the record for fastest selling console in the United Kingdom's history, this actually ended the PSP's eight-year record and passing the launch-week sales of the PS3 and Xbox One.

The PS4 went on sale this past Friday and it sold 250,000 units in a 48 hour period, for some perspective. The Xbox One only sold 150,000 units in that same time frame.


My Thoughts

Beginning with the first article...

This is so weird to me, a couple of days ago I was shown "Mean Girls" for the first time by my brother and mother.

Now before you go off thinking this is a chick flick, it's actually not. I would recommend anyone who hasn't watched it to watch it. It's actually very funny.

Anyway, getting off topic here....

After seeing some side by side images of Lindsay and the characters from GTA V, really, the artwork does show some resemblance but not as much as I think Lindsay is trying to point out.

Look at Rachel MacAdams in the mean girls photo, then look at the GTA V woman, you'll start to see the likeness there too.

I hope this is only a rumor and doesn't turn out to be true, Lindsay has been hitting some lows in her life, if she ends up suing Rockstar over a slight resemblance to herself in a picture, it's going to worse for her.

Now for the second article....

For god's sake.....


As a society, I think we suck. Our greed, our viciousness and desire for material objects, has gotten to the point to where we no longer stop to think rationally.

I'm sure you guys read a lot about things that happened during Black Friday and shook your head in disappointment.

It's disgusting the lengths we will go to, only to add a new inanimate object to our homes.

as for the final article...

I'm actually quite surprised this happened, I knew the PS4 was popular with gamers but I didn't know it was going to reach this level that the console was going to end up making history.

Microsoft must be taking some hard hits after these events.

Regardless, good news for Sony.

Thanks for reading everyone.

I hope you enjoyed and.....for the love of god....don't kill anyone over the PS4.

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