Grand Theft Auto V Review

Hello everyone.

Well, I can safely say that I was someone who missed the ban wagon.

When GTA V launched I did not play the game, not because I chose not to, but because I was concerned about buying the game straight away.

I have never played a GTA game in my life(until now). I always say GTA as the "play the bad guy game", I don't like playing the bad guy. I would rather play the good guy, playing as characters like Cole Phelps or Link from Legend of Zelda is what I enjoy the most. Playing as the gang banger or "psychotic killer" like Franklin or Trevor; never had a great appeal to me.

So I looked to Gamefly to rent the game to see if the game is as good as people have made it out to be.

Is it? Yes.


Grand Theft Auto V centers around 3 main characters.

Michael, a retired con man living the big life in a mansion with a fancy car, backyard pool, unfaithful wife, lazy pot smoking son and want to be excotic dancer daughter.

He's fed up with being in a secure calm lifestyle, only dreaming of getting back into the con life.

Franklin, a gang banger dreaming of becoming a higher class of criminal who later is taken under Michaels' wing.

And finally, Trevor.

A psychotic, mentally disturbed, devil in the flesh man who would love to do nothing more than rip your tongue out get the idea.

When Michael begins to see Franklin as the son he never had, Michael begins to bring Franklin along to major heists so Michael can leave his knowledge with someone who will be able to carry the con man mantel.

All three end up conducting heists across Los Santos and San Andreas. Leaving the pockets of the banks and jewelry stores empty.


The one aspect of Grand Theft Auto V that stares at you at every frame of the game is graphics.

Grand Theft Auto V is so crisp and clear, beautiful sunsets and shimmering seas with polished sports cars and city lights occupying a majority of the game world. Elegant architecture and skyscrapers are the norm of the environment surrounding you.

You will never get dreary or bored of the presentation due to how good it looks.

It will be a game that will make you think "How could they have done something like this on out dated hardware?!"

Grand Theft Auto V graphically sends the 7th generation of console gaming with a bang.


The question you should ask to yourself isn't "What can I do in GTAV?" It should be "What CAN'T I do?"

There is so much to experience in Grand Theft Auto V, I'm pretty sure all I've done is scraped the surface of what you can do in the game. There's probably so many things I still can do in the game that I just haven't got to yet.

You can play Tennis, Golf, participate in triathlons, street races, water races, go to strip clubs, clothing stores, gun stores, auto-shops, tattoo parlors, do yoga and all sorts of other things. Even investing in stock and real estate!

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that truly lets players free in a world that gives the player an assortment of toys to play with in any way they want to.

Good example.

I picked up my stripper girlfriend in a helicopter to take her back to her place to have some naughty fun.

Aside from the crazy fun you can have, each character in the game will have their own unique abilities and clothing selection, as well as their own set of missions and side tasks for you to complete.  Each character will also have skills which you can enhance by performing a certain action pertaining to that skill.

The more you run, the more your Stamina skill will increase, the more you shoot, the better your Shooting skill will be. It's a lot like Skyrim where you would use a particular skill and it would level up. Although the difference being you don't have skill points that you can apply to other skills.

One thing that stood out to me was the driving. My god the driving, it's so smooth and has that hit of excitement when you're whizzing past dozens and dozens of cars on the freeway going 80 miles an hour. From what I've heard, the driving in past GTA games has actually been rather tough, no need to worry, the driving in GTA V is smooth as butter. If you're struggling to drive in a straight line, it's you.

The gameplay is so good and so much fun. I really doubt that you will be left in the game wondering around for something you can do. If you think about doing, you can do it. Rampage across the city with a grenade launcher? Go ahead.

Grand Theft Auto V does not hold anything back and gives you plenty of things to experience and enjoy. Making every penny you paid to get the game all the better.


Grand Theft Auto V has it's own open world multiplayer mode called "Grand Theft Auto Online" in which where you can create your own character and experience the world of Los Santos once more, with your own unique character. Participating in races with other players, team deathmatch modes and all sorts of other activities.

You can even rob convenient stores and set up your own heists in the world to earn cash and purchase vehicles and homes for your online character.

To the core of it, GTA Online is another campaign for you to play on top of the main story campaign of GTA V.

The Verdict

My god I have never played a game quite like GTAV.

Throw every notion you have ever had at what an open world RPG can be.

It offers the player so many tools to use in the world to have their own fun the way they want to have fun.

It won't hold anything back and if you don't hold anything back. The possibilities are endless as to the amount of fun you can have.

Grand Theft Auto V gets a 9 out of 10

If you would like to purchase Grand Theft Auto V for the holidays. Head over to so you can purchase your copy now. Trust me, it's worth every penny.

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