Hitting The Refresh Button

Hello everyone.

A lot of you may know by now that I have been slowly posting less and less blogs; game reviews, weapon guides and game news.

Well, I'm hitting the refresh button.

Starting tonight(or the morning, depending on where you are) I'm going to begin making new weapon guides, I'm going to begin my new weapon guide series in Battlefield 3.

Expect to see Battlefield 3 weapons, default weapons and DLC weapons.

Expect to see game news, I haven't been posting anything game news related, but, the news is starting to spice up lately and I feel my passion for game news writing returning.

I am not doing this for fame, I am doing this simply for the fact that I love to write about gaming.

Also, expect to see a vlog for my 200th post which is coming up soon.

It's going to be fun going through my Battlefield arsenal of weapons for review and I'll keep an eye out for some interesting game news.

If I get a PS4 soon(hopefully) you will also see BF4 weapon guides being posted along side the BF3 weapon guides.

Hitting it......now.....


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