Tomb Raider(2013) Review

Hello Everyone.

Happy Halloween!

I recently was able to play the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise.....Tomb Raider.

The origin story of the infamous Lara Croft.

I must say......this was an awesome experience.

I'm telling you this now, if you have not played the new Tomb Raider. YOU MUST!!!


The young archaeologist Lara Croft is going on her first expedition to discover the lost island of Yamatai. She suggests to go to the Dragon's Triangle. As that could be the only other place Yamatai can be. 

The Dragon's Triangle has a dark reputation which results in many members of the crew and Lara's friends having concerns about Lara's intentions. As they get close to an island in the Dragon's Triangle they are hit by a freak storm which results in the ship tearing apart. Stranding Lara and her friends on an unknown island. 

Upon arriving, Lara finds herself fighting the island's elements to survive in order to find her friends. Later, she learns of the islands inhabitants; cultists. A cult of survivors begins to hunt down Lara and her friends in order to perform a ritual that will supposedly let the cultists leave the island, after being stranded for many years.

The Island is cursed. Something has been keeping the cultists trapped on the island against their will. Lara must now find her friends to help them escape and learn more about the mysteries of the island. Is there something really keeping them trapped on the island?

The story is very interesting. The mystery surrounding the island keeps you intrigued throughout the entire game. Creating more mysteries along the way surrounding the history of the island. It's also very interesting to see the development of Lara as a character. First a fragile character, morphing slowly into a able bodied survivor/ fighters.

The other cast of characters however suffer when this happens. Lara becomes so developed that the other characters don't change at all throughout the story. Each character you meet in the beginning of the game is the same you will see at the end; unlike Lara.

Lara, although beautiful in appearance. Is not a character who is designed with appearance being an aspect of her character that will leave an impression in the minds of the player. It will be her character, not her appearance that will make this Lara Croft stand out from many female protagonists. Finally putting to rest that idiotic belief that big tits and a big butt will make you a memorable character. 


The visual presentation of Tomb Raider is awe inspiring. Massive mountain sides, small lush forests and caves filled with statues and relics of ancient civilizations.

Whilst also exploring shanty towns of survivors come and gone. 

It truly is eye candy. The detail of the game truly pops out to you and gives great life to the environments you explore.

I did keep my eye out for any graphical glitches. The only one I found was a drop in frame rate, but only in certain situations. Aside from that, no texture pop ins or wonky character animations. 


Tomb Raider is a survival action game. Both balance which results in a truly awesome experience.

The survival aspect of the game pumps your adrenaline dry. Putting you through intense moments where you can die in a seconds notice. Fighting many enemies armed with fire arms while you only have a make shift bow to defend yourself.

These moments however do have a curse placed upon them. Quick Time Events. You miss your que. You're dead.

The action itself is smooth and fast paced. Not to the point where you're looking at a Call of Duty clone. The action doesn't get stale or repetitive to the point where you can predict what you will have to do in the next combat sequence. At certain points in the game you can choose the stealth approach with your bow. Silently taking out enemies with head shots or using the bow to knock down gasoline fueled lamps onto unsuspecting baddies; or going in loud and proud blasting explosive barrels leaving nothing but a trail of fire and bullets behind.

As you progress through the game. Lara will begin to find tools and make shift items in order to help her hunt for food or traverse the island in a much more efficient way. Scavenging for parts becomes an important aspect of surviving the island. Spare parts you find in crates or loot from dead enemies can be used to improve the strength of the string to Lara's bow and arrow or using spare parts to modify fire arms you find to have better reload speeds or improved fire rates.

The island's many forests and vistas are designed with open spaces and many secrets hidden throughout the environment. Exploring the island is fun, as mentioned earlier Lara is quite agile. The parkour element of the game is well designed with fluid controls backing it up. Jumping from cliff to cliff is also especially fun. Remember the feeling you would get jumping from roof top to roof top in Assassin's Creed?

Imagine that same feeling, except below you is nothing.

It's fun and honestly. The parkour element feels much better in here than Assassin's Creed.



                        Don't even bother

The Verdict

I have not played the previous Tomb Raider games. So I can't tell fans of previous Tomb Raider games that this game does the past games an honor. The game by itself is awesome.

It's an adrenaline filled experience that will squeeze your adrenal gland dry. Lush environments, fluid controls, and awesome action packed moments. All of which are plaqued by frustrating quick time events and a poor multiplayer experience.

It really is a game you should experience. Even though the Seventh Generation is coming to a close, you should treat yourself to this gem of the Seventh Gen.

The single player experience is enough to warrant a purchase or at least a rent from Gamefly or your local video store(if there is one).

Tomb Raider gets a great 8 out of 10


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