My Thoughts On The Next Generation Of Gaming

Hello everyone.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my post. This is not going to be a very lengthy post. I have written on the 8th generation before. A majority of talking points when discussing the 8th generation I've already talked about.

With that said. Let's get to the point.

The next generation of console gaming is almost upon us. In 3 weeks the next generation will begin with the release of the Playstation 4. Many of us have made our pre-orders. Reserved our special bundles and are waiting eagerly for the next generation.

I am as excited as the next guy or gal gamer but I want to give my 2 cents on what I think we will begin to see this next generation.

In my opinion, I think we will begin to see new genres of games. New levels of immersion that some games could only imagine of reaching in the last generation. We're seeing it now with the Dual Shock 4 touch pad being used in Infamous: Second Son as a fingerprint scanner to progress in the game. The Xbox One controller with the use of the impulse triggers in Forza 5, that make you feel things like traction.

Jay Hooft from 3_Killa_Bytes attests to this when he was using the Xbox One controller while playing Forza 5.

In terms of visuals. I think the next generation will not reach breathtaking visuals or manage to create outstanding visuals, despite console limitations. Halo 4 did that this year in January. Managing to bring an outstanding visual presentation, despite being designed on out of date hardware.

I think what we will begin to see in the next generation is new factors of immersion that make the player feel more immersed into the experience.New elements we've never seen before; or elements we have seen before, but improved for an even better experience. A lot of new elements were introduced this generation. Some better than others. Some which changed a gaming genre or franchise in a drastic way.

I think we could begin to see these new elements improved to the point where we have experiences like no other. A huge refreshment of genres and the gaming experience.

Which is another thing I think will happen this next generation. Refreshment. The 7th generation has lasted quite awhile. A lot of us have been gasping for new console hardware. The hardware we have used has begun to show it's age as of late. We have enjoyed replaying some of the more notable titles of this generation on this hardware. We still however are yearning for a brand new experience. Something I think the next generation will deliver with flying colors.

Especially when you consider how many retail stores have had to put 'out-of-stock' on their websites. You get a really good idea about how hyped the gaming community has become for the next generation. Try and pre-order a Playstation 4 off of Amazon right now. Go ahead.

In Conclusion

The 8th generation of gaming is around the corner.

It has been a long awaited moment by many of us in the gaming community. November 15th marks the beginning of a new generation.

I look forward to the next generation, and I look forward to experience this next generation with you.

Thank you for reading.