Doom 3: BFG Edition Review

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The grandfather of the FPS genre that sets you against the legions of Hell. It was the FPS game that everyone talked about in the early 90s. It was the most popular FPS of the 90s, so popular that it was ported to every console available at the time. The Sega 32x, Atari Jaguar, Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo and the PSX.

Doom is the most iconic FPS game of the FPS genre. Sure, Call of Duty may be the most popular FPS game of the genre, but it still has nothing on Doom.

I recently had the opportunity to play the BFG Edition of Doom 3. A version of the game that had Doom 3, the expansion to Doom 3 "Resurrection of Evil" a bonus expansion "Lost Missions" and Dooms 1&2.

Let's begin.


It is the year 2145. You play as a marine who has been transferred to Mars City, a UAC research facility currently in the process of making Mars a second Earth. While there, you discover that there have been many accidents on the base that has been terrifying the workers on Mars.

Your first mission is to find a missing scientist. Once you find him, you find him trying to send a warning to the UAC on Earth about teleportation experiments that have resulted in horrifying results. Unfortunately, at the same time he attempts to send the message, a teleportation experiment goes array and what results from the incident is Hell invading the base.

The story is excellently told. The voice acting from every character you meet does a great job. Through out the game you will these PDAs which have e-mails and audio logs of the owners to give you an idea of what people were experiencing on the base before you arrived. You can listen to these audio logs meanwhile  you progress through the game.

Resurrection of Evil's Story

One year after the incident on Mars. A small energy signal is detected by a UAC drone that hovers over Mars. A few months later the UAC announces that they are reopening the Mars facility whilst attempting to avoid anything that could potentially open another gateway to Hell.

Further investigation into the energy signal results in the discovery a mysterious artifact. The marine that discovers the artifact touches it, as soon as he does it results in another portal being opened, Hell being unleashed once more. You are again playing as a lone marine, finding a way to seal the portal and kill anything that comes through the portal.

The Lost Missions

6 hours post invasion. You play as a survivor of Bravo Team. A Team of marines that was supposed to make it the portal, saving any survivors and eliminating any hostiles they encounter. Unfortunately the team was ambushed but you somehow survived. Your mission now is to try and prevent the invasion of Hell from reaching to Earth. It's a similar plot to the original but you don't encounter the original Doom 3 marine at all.


Doom 3 remastered in HD looks fantastic. This is an id game, so prepare yourself for a very smooth frame rate. Have you played RAGE yet? If you have, remember the frame rate and graphics of that game and apply it to the Doom 3 BFG Edition. The graphics and frame rate are so good that you will never, I repeat, NEVER encounter any type of graphical glitches. No texture pop ins, no draw distances.

The atmosphere in Doom 3 is terrifying. Even though most of the facility will be lit up by the lights of machines and filled with the sounds of these machines. You will be caught off guard many times by surprise attacks and secret doorways revealing to hold a demon prepared to strike.

Yesterday I had the biggest scare I've ever had while playing the game. Doom 3 will scare you.


This is the part of Doom 3 that is good but messy at times.

If you have played a Doom game in the past, playing Doom 3 will feel like you are playing a Doom game. It isn't like Resident Evil where the series devolved into an action game, it is Doom. It keeps true to what made Doom good in the first place.

There was however a problem in Doom 3. In the original version of Doom 3 you had a flash light to use to explore the base. The problem was however you had to constantly switch back and forth between the flashlight and your main weapons. So if you had your flash light equipped and suddenly a demon appears you would have to quickly switch back to a weapon, all the meanwhile that demon has probably gotten some free hits on you. Now that is no longer an issue. Players can now turn on their flashlight while using a weapon(as seen above).

There is a  messy part to the game as mentioned. The game comes in with some elements that the developers added into the game, elements that really do not belong. At certain parts of the game you can be blasting your way through demon after demon but then suddenly stop to solve a puzzle. Later into the game, you can be moving swiftly through the area you're in to suddenly be met with a platforming section of the game in order to proceed. Fun fact: There is falling damage in this game.

An aspect of the game that I feel should have been improved is with the weapon switching. If there are those of you familiar with the original Doom and you had to play on a console. You remember that where was no longer a hot key for you to switch to a particular weapon. The same thing happens here in Doom 3. If you want to equip a particular weapon for the situation you will have to cycle through your weapon's inventory meanwhile you're being attacked by an Imp.

It's not a game breaking issue though. It's a minor inconvenience at best.

In terms of weapons. You get your classic assortment of Doom weapons as well as some new toys. You get your pistol, shotgun, chaingun, plasma gun, rocket launcher and BFG. New to the arsenal however is an assault rifle, hand grenades and artifacts from Hell that you can use against the demons. I won't tell you what they are.

The main game of Doom 3 is about 10 hours long, as well as Resurrection of Evil. The Lost Missions Would be about 6 to 7. As mentioned earlier, the BFG edition comes with Doom I and Doom II. If you combine the length of everything. Doom 1, Doom 2, Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions. You are looking at quite a package. Hours upon hours of demon slaughter.

The Verdict

Doom 3 BFG Edition is quite a bundle. You do get your moneys worth with this bundle.

I would recommend however that for those of you who have played through the Doom trilogy already  to take a step back and see if you want to play through all 3 games again. The difference between the Doom  trilogy of yesterday and today is the console and controller.

Doom 3 has gotten a graphics boost as well as a third expansion but aside from that, the package is the same as it was when the original version of Resurrection of Evil was released.

However to those who have either played one or none of the Doom trilogy. This is a good buy. If you need to occupy some time in anticipation for the next generation of consoles or you're just looking to play some classics in gaming. Doom 3 BFG Edition is for you.

Doom 3 BFG Edition gets a good 8 out of 10.


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