Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions

Evening everyone.

Today is the launch of the Battlefield 4 Beta. An early launch for those who have Pre-ordered BF4, who have a Premium subscription and for anyone who has the Medal of Honor War Fighter Limited Edition Online Pass.

I have the MOHWF Online Pass on my 360 hard drive so that's how I got early access.

Let me just start off my impressions with two words.


The first obvious thing that was glaring at me was that the game looks amazing. The leap from Frostbite Engine 2 to Frostbite Engine 3 is actually very huge. Although you can't see Frostbite 3 pushed to it's whole potential on the console version. The game still looks amazing,

I must admit I was expecting a little bit more of Battlefield 3 when coming into the beta. The beta feels nothing like Battlefield 3; it doesn't even look like Battlefield 3. This truly is an entirely new Battlefield experience. Nothing feels even remotely the same as Battlefield 3. I actually jumped into Battlefield 3 for a match and then jumped into the Beta. I really was playing two different games, I actually preferred playing the Beta over Battlefield 3 this afternoon.

The gun play to the beta feels great. Guns feel powerful but not too powerful that you have an overpowering issue. Especially the backup weapon for every kit, the P226.
The two game modes available are Conquest and Domination on the map Siege of Shanghai. On Conquest you get to see the entire map and get to use vehicles such as humvees, tanks and scout helicopters; and yes you get to see the skyscraper fall down on Conquest. 

Domination on the other hand is the very fast paced game mode of the beta. Domination is very intense. Intense CQC action with bullets whizzing past your head, grenades blowing up the environments and the battle cry of many different soldiers.

The hit detection feels really good. I don't think I ever had an issue with hit detection. There were glitches, frame rate cuts and other bugs. One big one I noticed was on occasion the game would glitch and an enemy I was firing at would literally disappear. I would not get any more hit markers, it's like they were never in the match in the first place. Another glitch I noticed was that my few remaining rounds would disappear. If I had exactly 15 rounds remaining it would suddenly disappear.

A few other glitches I found were also ribbons not appearing on the screen or in the after match results. As well as going into the server browser to find that all the servers are empty. Even though you go into the Quick Match option and you can find a match.

Finally. An issue that cursed Battlefield 3 was the net-code. I can say with absolute confidence that the net-code is improved. It's almost perfect. I'm not dying when I walk around a corner anymore. If I'm in someone's line of sight I might die in his line of sight. There is no chance of me dying after I get into cover.


I am very impressed with the Battlefield 4 Beta. I can not wait for the full game to be released. I actually can't wait to get the full game to be released for the Playstation 4.

I want to play Battlefield 4 on the PS4.

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