Resident Evil 6 Public Demo Review

Hello everyone, for those of you RE fans out there then you should know by now(or just in case you don't know) Capcom released a public demo of Resident Evil 6.
Now for those of you who do not know if you pre-ordered Capcom's "Dragon's Dogma" you got early access to the RE6 demo, however the pre-order demo was the demo shown at E3, the PUBLIC demo is a completely different experience.

You see different areas and experience different events then what you saw at the E3 demonstration.

For this review however I will only go over Presentation and Gameplay. So let's not waste any more time, let's dive right into the Resident Evil 6 Public Demo.

Resident Evil 6 looks fantastic, Resident Evil 6's engine is actually an upgraded version of the same engine used in Resident Evil 5, everything in Resident Evil not only looks great but little things such as the options menu and your inventory has a very cool and unique futuristic style. The options menu or health HUD for each character is different and unique.

The options menu is almost like you are using a touch screen device such as an iPod or iPhone but with much more advanced technology. Giving Resident Evil 6 this dark and terrifying atmosphere but also with a very futuristic style of operating your inventory, managing health ammunition and adjusting the options to your preference.

Resident Evil 6 now introduces the ability to move and shoot for the first time in a Resident Evil game, many of you might not like that but seeing as how much more fierce enemies are prepared to eat your face off you will really start to like the new quick on demand melee system and able to move while aiming your gun,the dodge system and the inclusion of dual wielding(so far Leon it seems is the only one who can dual wield two hand guns).

Resident Evil 6 introduces a new dodge system to where if an enemy takes you by surprise you can jump backwards onto your characters back and shoot the zombie, you can also do the standard dodge where your character simply ducks down quickly to avoid either an arm swing or a knife being thrown at you.

Even when you're on the ground you can quickly roll to the left or right to avoid being pounced on by a zombie.

As said earlier the melee system is now where you can choose to do Leon's famous round house kick on demand and you can counter enemy attacks when they have a melee weapon in hand but keep in mind you need to time it right in order to counter the attack.

With the introduction of the melee system however there is the addition of the Stamina bar, your character can not continue to kick and punch zombies all day so be warned.

The inventory system has been improved, no longer will you have to deal with only 9 slots of inventory you now have a side-scrolling inventory system where you see all your items you've collected.

Switching guns and grenades is very easy by simply using the D-Pad to quickly switch between items and weapons. Giving the same quick weapon swap experience like RE5 but without setting weapons in certain slots.

The Resident Evil 6 demo is good fun and you can really see the hard work Capcom put in for the fans, not only bringing Resident Evil back to it's roots of survival horror  and the new Resident Evil style of action.

RE fans download this demo as soon as possible, if you are hesitant about buying RE6 then the demo will convince you otherwise.

I won't rate the demo but I will still recommend the demo to die hard RE fans and to those who want to try something new. This demo will be well worth your time.

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