Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide: KSG-12 Pump-Action Shotgun

Hello everyone, Gazette back again for another MW3 weapon guide, this time around we're going to be looking at the very unreliable and baffling shotguns of MW3.

If there are those of you who remember playing Modern Warfare 2 then you remember how shotguns back then were secondaries and packed a punch. A lot of people didn't like it but for everyone that didn't like shotguns as secondaries there will be a group of people that will enjoy a shotgun for a secondary.

Coming into Modern Warfare 3 the developers had the choice to either make the shotguns primaries or reduce the damage of shotguns if they were going to be secondaries, the developers did the mistake of doing both, since most of the shotguns(except for the Striker) got the nerf stick shotguns are now unreliable close quarter weapons, sometimes the shotguns will do wonders for you (once in a great while).

Sometimes you'll realize you have a power stick in your hand, other times you'll wonder if you even have a gun in your hand!

So today we're going to be looking over the prime example of how unreliable the shotguns are, we are looking at the KSG-12 pump-action shotgun.


The KSG-12 shotgun is designed and produced by Kel-Tec, it is a bull-pup shotgun with twin tube magazines. It can hold a total of 14 rounds plus 1 in the chamber and fires standard 12-gauge buckshot.

When one magazine is empty the operator can use a manual switch to change magazines, seeing as how this is possible this also means when using the KSG you can fire 2 types of 'shot to use with the KSG, load one tube with birdshot and another tube with standard buckshot and so on.

The KSG was designed to be perfect for use in law enforcement and home defense, a unique shotgun that sadly hasn't been adopted by any law enforcement in the world. To this day the KSG is simply on the market available for purchase.

In Game
In game the KSG is a high damage shotgun dealing 28 damage per pellet fired (which is weak) up to close ranges and at medium ranges your pellets will only 15 damage per pellet, when you fire the KSG the KSG will fire 9 pellets per shell, resulting in a total damage of  252 up close and 135 at a distance if every pellet reaches target.

You need 4 pellets to connect and hit the enemy, if a single pellet misses you will only get hit markers and will need to either get close enough to knife the opponent or you will hope you quickly pump the shotgun to fire off another shell.

Your movement speed is 100%, you aim down the sights in .2 seconds which doesn't matter because if you're aiming down the sights with a shotgun you are using it wrong and the center speed is blah blah blah.

The KSG will do it's maximum damage up to 10 meters at 15 meters your damage will drop to the bare minimum 15 per pellet.

Reloading is done per shell, each shell will reload in .66 seconds, which means your total time of reloading before the magazine is fully topped off will vary depending on how many shots you fired. However if you manage to fire off every shell in the magazine you will need 7.92 seconds to reload and top off the magazine again.

Another thing you need to know when using the KSG or any other shotgun you must fire from the hip, do not bother to aim down the sight, even if you have an optic attachment. Speaking of which let's go over the attachment(s) you can use on the KSG.

Similar to my last G36C weapon guide in lack of recommended attachments and a proficiency of choice, there are only 2 attachments and 3 choices for a proficiency to use on the KSG.

Grip(Unlocked at Weapon Level 2)
The Grip is the attachment that you will be using your entire experience with the KSG, the Grip will improve your accuracy when firing from the hip, you need as much accuracy as possible especially when firing a shotgun whose pellets will magically vanish into a black hole.

Pair the Grip with Steady Aim to ensure every pellet reaches target.

Extended Mags(Unlocked at Weapon Level 26)
By now you have mastered the KSG, you know how, when and where to use the KSG. Considering how large your magazine all ready is your magazine size will go from the generous 12 shells to the jaw dropping 18 shells in the tube.

Now for your Proficiency choices.

Focus(Unlocked at Weapon Level 9)
Strange I know but Focus actually does help, when firing from the hip you will still receive Damage Visual Kick, meaning your character will twitch in several directions causing you to miss your target, you can fire from the hip and make sure you hit your target without twitching to the side and miss your target.

Range(Unlocked at Weapon Level 23)
Range increases your one shot kill range, it is useful but keep in mind that you will still have to make sure each pellet reaches target, you may be able to take out targets at a distance farther away then usual but you also could get hit markers.

Damage(Unlocked at Weapon Level 28)
Damage reduces the amount of pellets it takes to kill your opponent by one, instead you need 3 pellets to kill an enemy. This is better than Range as you could kill opponents at a distance and deal 39 damage per pellet fired, at a range you will do 21 damage per pellet.

At the end of the day the KSG is a strong shotgun but it's performance is hindered by the sloppy development of Sledgehammer. The KSG requires patience and  a perfect class set up for it to be able to deal any actual damage.

For your 1st perk.

Extreme Conditioning will get you close to the enemy and allow you to mow down your opponents

Assassin will keep you hidden off the radar, portable radars and heartbeat sensors with the constant onslaught of UAVs and constant camping in MW3 this is an obvious choice, the pro variant will make you immune to Counter UAVs and the effects of an EMP.

Steady Aim is also another obvious choice, like I said you need to fire from the hip, and only the hip, aiming down the sight will not help you out at all.

As for your Secondary the MP9 will extended your reach and prove useful in a pinch.

For your Strike Package Specialist will be your best choice, when you choose specialist your perks need to be.

Sleight of Hand, Blind Eye and Scavenger.

The KSG is not for everyone and can be an annoying weapon to use at times. It rewards the patient players and those who know how to move around the map to avoid open confrontations and can flank the enemy.

With careful handling and a perfect class set you will be able to mow down opponents with ease and who knows, you may be surprised with how well the KSG can perform with the proper play-style.

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