Red Dead Redemption Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another review on another one of my favorite games, Red Dead Redemption.
Rockstar Games set out to bring the old west game medium back to life with Red Dead Redemption, they set out to bring us the most outstanding old west open world game and they achieved their goal with flying colors.

Red Dead Redemption introduces you to John Marston, an ex-outlaw working for the US Government who is sent to New Austin, Texas during 1911, around the time industry started to expand giving the world the first motor cars and introduce modern technology ending the time of the cowboys and outlaws.

John has a dark past and is trying to leave his old life behind but his past keeps coming back to haunt him, John has been tasked with eliminating his old gang which he used to consider family. He must do this in order to get back to his wife and child which is being protected by the US Government, in other words it's leverage, the government wouldn't let him leave his past unless he did their dirty work.

John now has a chance to turn a new leaf and hope to leave his past behind him.

Fantastic story and much like L.A. Noire is more of a movie than it is a game.

Red Dead Redemption is gorgeous, the world is huge and sticks true to the Old West design. The dusty trails of Austin's desert regions, the tall mountains of the range and the city folk local with stone road and saloons.

Everything to see is marvelous and full of life, you can play the game for hours and still find mountain tops to settle down and watch the sun set or sun rise in the game or camp out in a quiet place to see the stars, much like how a cowboy drifter would do in the movie.

There is never a dull moment when traveling New Austin, Mexico and the lush green locations of West Elizabeth.

If you ride around long enough, you may stop in your tracks to see the beauty of the game.

Red Dead Redemption plays smoothly and is hours of fun. Since you play as an outlaw you will be able to use some more recognizable weapons you've seen in Old West movies. A classic six-shot revolver, a rifle repeater, shotgun and even some of the more destructive weapons such as dynamite, Molotov fire bottles, Tomahawks and of course the most iconic tool of the cowboy the lasso and knife.

Aiming and shooting works smoothly and easily, quickly aim, fire and fill a bandit full of lead.

Aside from the combat Red Dead has a large list of side tasks you can do in the world, you can take on bounties major towns have posted, hunt wild animals out on the range, drink in saloons, purchase new weapons and equipment, pick up plants unique to certain regions to sell at the local post and even help out people in the world by killing coyotes hunting down an unarmed man, helping a law man capture escaping convicts, purchase rooms and property to settle down and rest in your journeys, take on a local gang by entering their hideout and quickly become the best outlaw hero Austin has ever known.

You can also walk by games of Poker, Black Jack and Horse Shoe tossing challenges with the locals of the area, you can even play five finger fillet where you need to tap the four main buttons of your controller in a certain order and rhythm or you loose. Each main quest, side-quest, task and mini-games serve a purpose either to earn money or complete challenges the game has set up in order for you to complete to either unlock alternate costumes or new powerful rifles. Even the simple accomplishment of killing a Cougar with dynamite will unlock you a special alternate costume for you to use.

Each side task serves a purpose in one way or in another, either by earning you cash or completing challenges to unlock special items and outfits both in campaign and multiplayer.

The single player simply put is perfect, let's move onto the multiplayer.

The multiplayer has several game modes for players to choose even different variants of the famous Rockstar free-roam mode, there is Friendly free-roam where players can not kill other players(unless players use dynamite) and of course normal free roam where players can kill other players.

They also have competitive game modes such as capture the flag type matches, team deathmatch and free for all game modes, which I myself do not really prefer comparing to the insanely fun Undead Overrun horde wave based game mode.

If you download Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption you unlock Undead Overrun, where you and 3 other players fight off an unending amount of zombies until everyone dies or time runs out. It's very addicting and can be a very experience when you bring friends to play along.

In the free-roam multiplayer you can also form posses with other players to take on gang hideouts, hunt wild animals and take on challenges to level up to unlock new rides(horses) and titles to be used in the multiplayer.

Much like the campaign how you can do an endless amount of tasks, the multiplayer is the same.

The Verdict
Red Dead Redemption is amazing. The story, the graphics, the gameplay and the multiplayer. Red Dead is honestly worth every penny of your hard earned cash.

It offers you hours and hours of enjoyment, riding fast through the old west helping out the local towns with bandits and thieves or partaking in card games and arm wrestles with the local muscle. Taking on bounties that the local law men have put up for you to partake in, it's a game that really sets you into the world of the Old West and pulls it off graciously.

Red Dead Redemption honestly is perfect and it gets my 2nd game rating of 10/10!!!!!!!!

Buy this game! There is no need to rent this game it is that good!

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