Gears of War 3 Review

Hello everyone, back again for another review.

This time we're looking at one of the most violent games on the Xbox and arguably the most violent game on the market. Gears of War 3.

True the last 2 entries into the series are very violent but Gears of War 3 would honestly kick the last 2 games out the door with their level of violence, Gears of War 3 takes it to a whole new level, especially with the fantastic new graphic design, new unique weapon executions and of course new weapons.

Let's jump right into Gears of War 3.

2 years after the events of Gears 2 the last remnants of humanity and the COG are spread thin and trying to survive not only from lack of food and supplies but also from the newly found threat of the Lambent, a new enemy that has been created from the liquid substance known as Imulsion.

In the time between Gears 2 and 3 Chairman Prescott the leader of the COG mysteriously vanished, suddenly he re-appears but brings a message with him. A video disk from the once believed to be dead father of Marcus, Adam Fenix. Adam reveals that there is a way to defeat the Lambent permanently and maybe end the war.

Adam reveals that he was kidnapped at the time he was believed dead and wasn't able to finish his work that would've stopped E-day but  was being kept prisoner in a place known as Azura. Marcus and his team must now fight through the scorched remains of Sera and fight both the Locust and Lambent in order to save his father

Gears of War 3 is gorgeous, despite the fact you mostly see ruins, dismembered body parts and blood Gears of War 3 has a fantastic presentation.

Everything you see in game has great detail, right down to the cracks in cement pillars and the individual blades of the Lancer, to the insides of a dismembered body from  a blast of the Gnasher shotgun. The frame rate is solid, the only time the frame rate started to chop up was when at least 10 different explosions were going off. Lag(unless you're playing the multiplayer) will never be an issue

The ruins of Sera are also quite a spectacle to see in the game, Sera has never looked this bad before and Gears of War 3 truly shows that time has had a terrible effect on the world after so many years of war. The location of Azura is also a spectacle, a golden magnificent paradise. If Sera doesn't tickle your fancy Azura surely will.

 Gears of War 3 plays very similar to the last two entries in the series, if you've played either one of the last two Gears of War games, adapting to Gears of War 3 will be relatively easy.

Going in and out of cover transitions much more smoother then the last 2 games, same goes for the Roadie Run, you can run through the battlefield smoothly while ducking incoming fire and getting behind cover.

Combat is more or less the same except it being much smoother, you'll still have to hide behind cover and shoot at the enemy. The Lambent however add a twist to the combat, the Lambent are somewhat more resisting of the damage from the bullet fed weapons resulting in even the Lancer not being able to mow down the Lambent as easy as the Locust. The Lambent are also enemies you do not want to get that close to as they explode once they're defeated. This could result in your death or could be to your benefit, you could kill one giant Lambent and defeat the ones surrounding it due to the massive explosion.

These enemies really change your combat strategies as the Lambent enemies come varied and sometimes they won't die the first time around and will mutate with the ability to take you out with more abilities to do so.

Unlike previous GOW entries the campaign can now be played with 4 players instead of your regular 2. Combine that with the new Arcade Mode and Mutator  unlocks you could set up some ridiculous campaign scenarios for you and your friends to play in. You could turn on a mutator that results in the enemies bleeding flowers.

After all is said though it is still Gears of War but smoother and with more content, considering how boring and rather clunky the first Gears of War was this is a major improvement.

This is where I sadly say Gears 3 doesn't shine. This is just my opinion though, this is not the views of the majority of the community who plays the multiplayer.

The multiplayer has a VERY steep learning curve and if you are not a veteran of the last 2 versions of the multiplayer then you will not be welcomed into the Gears 3 multiplayer.

The multiplayer is not for casual Gears players, you must master the long and very difficult learning curve in order to become proficient in the multiplayer, either pick up the Gnasher or get out.

However the cooperative modes Horde Mode 2.0 and Beast Mode are nice additions to the Gears multiplayer. Horde Mode 2.0 has you and four other players fighting of waves of the Locust and Lambent forces while you and your team mates earn cash in order to set up a defense against the horde with laser built defenses, mounted turrets and the famous Silver-Back Mech.

Beast Mode on the other hand lets you play as one of the Locust enemies fighting off the COG defenses and soldiers, the more points you earn from killing opponents with  any of the Locust characters will result in unlocking more stronger Locust soldiers, from the Boomer to the infamous Berserker Locust.

The Verdict

Gears of War 3 is a fantastic addition into the Gears series, the story is well done and well executed and even has very emotional scenes, Gears fans may loose some toughness points in this game, certain death scenes in the game may make avid fans of the game cry.

The graphics are fantastic and at the rate of which you move in and out of cover considering how fast you can move with ease is astounding.

There is a lot to unlock and achieve in Gears 3, with the insane amount of ribbons, medals, characters and weapon skins, Gears of War 3 will keep you very busy.

I do wish however the Gears multiplayer was a bit more welcoming to new comers so that way they can become proficient in the multiplayer. Weapon skins I think should've been done differently to where earning a certain set amount of kills will unlock you a skin rather than paying money to unlock a skin.

Aside from that Gears of War 3 earns the well deserved 9.5/10

As I write this I can't help but think of Gears of War Judgement that is right around the corner, I do hope that Gears of War Judgement proves to either be as good as Gears of War 3 or better. Here's hoping.

I hope you enjoyed and you consider picking this game up.

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