Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 G36C Assault Rifle Weapon Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to my first weapon guide on my weapon guide page. Today we're looking over the fan favorite and rather compact G36C Compact Assault Rifle.
The G36-Compact(sometimes mistaken for Commando) is a German designed weapon, developed by Heckler & Koch. The G36C began production in 1995 and is the compact variant of the H&K G36.
The G36C is gas operated, rotating bolt assault rifle firing at a RPM of 750 rounds,The G36C fires the NATO standard 5.56x45mm round and also fires the .233 Remington round, over all length of the G36C is 720 millimeters and barrel length is 228 millimeters. Magazine capacity is 30 rounds and is effective up to a range of 800 meters.

The G36C is very popular with counter terrorist groups across the globe, if the G36C is not in service with any type of military or law enforcement group, you can guarantee that either the full body G36 or G36 variant is being used by said groups.

In Game
In game the G36C is a moderate high damage, moderately high firing and moderate recoil assault rifle unlocked at level 42.

The G36C fires at 769 RPM and deals 40 points of damage per shot and 25 points of damage at range, the G36C has a reload time of 2.43 seconds when there is still ammo in the magazine and a reload time of 3.46 seconds when the magazine is completely empty. The Reload time is pretty slow for an assault rifle so it would be to your benefit to do a reload cancel.

The ADS time is standard for an assault rifle at .30 seconds and you move at 90% of your characters movement speed.

The G36C's recoil as said is moderate and has a center speed of 1600, the recoil will kick up and only up, it will not kick to the left or right and will only kick up with continuous automatic fire, the irons of the G36C might help to tame the recoil slightly but you may have a hard time due to it's rather occlusive irons.
 It's not as occlusive as it was in Modern Warfare 1 but it still may prove to be quite a challenge to use when facing multiple opponents.

Range is decent for an assault rifle, you will be doing the maximum 40 points of damage up to 19.5 meters and will start doing 25 points of damage at a range of 26 meters, decent range but take my advice you want to try and avoid long range firefights due to the recoil, firing at a long distance the recoil will make it very difficult to kill a distant sniper or enemy.

The G36 is a very simple weapon, in my experience I have come to only use 1 or 2 attachments for the G36C, even with a Proficiency, you only have 2 choices for your Proficiency. So instead of experimenting with several attachments and Proficiency options, there are only a few choices for to make for the most effective G36C class.

I know in my last weapon guide of the CM901 I went over every attachment there is only 2 that are best with the G36C and only 2 Proficiency choices.

Red Dot Sight(Unlocked at Weapon Level 2)
The Red Dot Sight is the best optic choice for the G36C, it removes the occlusive irons and replaces them with a precision dot sight, using a RDS will want to be your one and only attachment of choice, ignore the Holographics, ACOG, Hybrid Sight and Thermal Scope. The RDS will be your one and only optic of choice.

Extended Mags(Unlocked at Weapon Level 26)
Extended Mags. are very useful for players used to the irons, you can take down multiple enemies quickly and with ease, especially with the G36C's relatively fast fire rate having as much ammo in the clip will be very useful and will prove to be very effective in many situations.

Now for your Proficiency.

Kick(Unlocked at Weapon Level 4)
The G36C's recoil will be eliminated and made more controllable, it will give you precision accuracy with a weapon that dishes out bullets almost as fast as an SMG.

Focus(Unlocked at Weapon Level 16)
Focus is simply for the Pros. If you can tame the recoil and can use the irons Focus will give you a huge advantage in most one on one fire fights. Your character will not flinch as much as he normally does when coming under fire and will stay on target even with the constant barrage of bullets coming into his way.

Overall the G36C is a weapon of simple tastes. It's not dominating in the damage factor, it's not deadly fast with it's RPM, recoil is relatively easy to control, irons are not as occlusive as many people would come to believe and you have a short list of attachments and a Proficiency of choice, even with perks.

For your perks. Scavenger, Quickdraw and Stalker will keep you supplied, quick to get the first shot off and will keep you mobile on the battlefield.

This has been my G36C weapon guide of Modern Warfare 3, join me next time when I will be covering the KSG-12 shotgun.

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