Thoughts on PS Now

For awhile now, Sony's game streaming service to play PS3 games on the PS4, PS Now. Has only been playable by a lucky select few in a private beta.

During that time photos and comments were posted online about the ridiculous prices to rent the games from the service. Now that the Open Beta has begun is the pricing still an issue?


I was really excited when I learned about PS Now to be honest. My excitement was mostly because in my mind that meant that I would be able to play all the exclusive titles and hits that I missed on the PS3.

Heck I'm still pretty excited to one day wake up and find that God of War 3 is in the PS Now library.

For right now it isn't and I hope they add that and some other titles soon.

My experience with service so far has been good. I haven't really been playing a lot of PS3 titles though. So far I've only played the Twisted Metal reboot and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.

I haven't run into any major hiccups whatsoever.  Which I think is a really good thing considering how many things could go wrong with the service. I have honestly been expecting to be playing one of the games from the service to suddenly be met with a "Could not stream the game" message or start up Code Veronica to find my save data is gone.

Or worse.....


Thankfully I haven't run into any of those issues thus far. Which I have to say is pretty good for the beta of a streaming service.

However, the biggest issue right now with the service is something that a lot of people are currently pointing out.

The price of rentals.

The only real issue I see with the service thus far is the price. I've seen games that go for 22 to 25 dollars to have for 90 days. Even the four hour rental prices are a tad bit ridiculous. 3.99 for Dead Island Riptide for four hours? I can rent the same game from my local video store for the same price and play it for five days.

I could even buy the game for my 360 for less money than the 90 day rental.

I've read from a lot of places that PS Now should be a subscription service instead of a rental service and I strongly agree with PS Now becoming almost like a Netflix subscription service. I do think it would be much better to pay a subscription fee rather than having to pay for each and every game individually.

Especially for games like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption where some players would want to play the game for more than a month or two.

If you REALLY liked Skyrim and wanted to keep playing it for more than a month or two you would end up going over the price it is to own the game.

I think a Netflix like subscription plan would be much better the service. For one, a lot of players would really like it knowing that they could pay a subscription to play practically every game on the service.

I'm not sure how the pricing would work out as I'm not exactly sure how much it would cost to keep all the servers running and keep improving on them to make sure nobody runs into any glitches or lag.

I just hope the subscription price, if they do change to a subscription system, isn't massive like an extra 40 dollars a year to have Netflix like access to the games.

 So for now I think PS Now in terms of streaming the games and the library thus far is pretty good. It's the pricing for the games that really needs to change.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to comment below what you think of PS Now and what needs to change with the service.

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