Thoughts on Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal

Today marked the reveal of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's multiplayer.

How the exo-suit changes the game, new customization, weapons, perks, streaks etc.

I will say that this game does look very different from past Call of Duty titles. Mostly due to the fact that the exo-suit is now letting players jump high, hover, super-punch opponents and dodge to several directions avoid gunfire or whatever else threatens to end your streak.

Oh yeah and there are laser weapons now
Honestly, it did not impress me.

There wasn't really anything that I saw in the reveal that was jaw dropping or anything that  looked exciting in the game. In fact, I'm watching footage right now from other youtubers  right now and I'm still not impressed with the game.

Environments do look nice but the color pallet is yet again very bland. Nothing really pops-out or is eye catching. 

Create-A-Class brings back the Pick 10 system from Black Ops 2 except now it's Pick 13 that even includes Score-streaks. So it's either stock up on weapons and perks or weapons and score-streaks.

What looked really interesting to me was the Supply drop reward system. After awhile of earning XP, game challenges etc. You get a random Supply drop with either items to customize your character or find different variations of weapons.

Say you have a standard AK-12, you unlock a Supply drop and it brings in a modified AK-12. This AK-12 might be different due to it having a new camo, increased reload speed, less recoil or increased damage.

Overall I think this reveal was interesting but not impressive.  It didn't really show off anything that would hook me into the game or even be excited for it to come out.

Quite honestly it looks really boring. Even with lasers and exo-suits.

It does look different, but not very different for me to one day go out and buy the game when it's released.

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