Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Review

Thanks to PS Now I was able to fill a gap in RE games I had not played.

RE games from 0 to 6 I have played, the only title that I did not play was Resident Evil Code Veronica X. So I rented Code Veronica X from PS Now and little did I know that this would soon become the 2nd worst RE game I've played (the first being Operation Raccoon City).

This is Code Veronica X.


Code Veronica X, before RE 4, did have some graphical improvements from previous RE titles. For starters, faces move and show best it can. As well as in-game cutscenes with characters doing more than just the standard running animation you would see during gameplay.

Cutscene animations look pretty good, they're mostly comparable to RE2 and RE3 cutscenes.

The voice acting however in this game is atrocious. Either these were inept voice actors or the director told them "Don't bother trying. Just make sounds."

But then again, Resident Evil dialogue hasn't exactly been Oscar winning material in the past.


My claim at this being the 2nd worst RE game I have ever played is due to the difficulty.

I have had to restart the game twice because of being unable to complete a part of the game either due to a lack of certain ammunition or herbs/ F.Aid Sprays.

I'll get to that later though.

Gameplay is very similar to past RE games but I noticed that compared to the past games, this one has much more challenge than past RE games.

Herbs are scarce, ammo is almost nonexistent and there are plenty of enemies that will be there to force you into using certain healing items or stop you dead in your tracks. More than usual I might add.

Especially in the first half of this game there's hardly any ammo or any herbs to make up for the amount of enemies within the game. Especially the amount of enemies that can overwhelm you in an instant.

At least for me, past RE games have proven to be somewhat challenging, but never so challenging that I needed to restart the game from the beginning because of an obstacle in my path I realized I couldn't overcome because of an oversight.

I didn't know that I was supposed to save my Anti B.O.W. grenade launcher rounds for the 2nd battle with the Tyrant on the airplane. I didn't know I was supposed to have a certain set of healing items to escape Tyrant-Steve.

This RE title loses points from me for having these obstacles that if not approached with the right equipment, GAME OVER. If you don't have the Anti B.O.W. rounds for the Tyrant, you can't beat him at all. If you don't have several healing items for the T-Steve encounter, you can't make it past the encounter at all.

This RE title in particular does not have what I would call a fair challenge. The past RE games did, that's why I liked them so much. The sense of accomplishment in this game, at least for me, was suppressed by the sense of dread as I knew that it was only going to get worse than it already was or if I didn't bring a certain item with me or didn't put a certain item back in the item box. Progression was going to be much harder.

There's not even a different difficult to choose from.

RE4's Professional Mode was a walk in the park compared to how difficult this game was.

Battle Mode

When and if you do beat the campaign. You unlock the bonus game, Battle Mode, very similar to The 4th Survivor mini-game from Resident Evil 2 except with unlimited ammo for everything, character specific boss fights and doors leading to random locations from the game.

The challenge here is much more simpler, kill every enemy in every room in short amount of time and don't die.

There really isn't much to this mode. If you do beat the Battle Mode with an A rank with every character you unlocked the Linear Launcher for Battle Mode.

Other than that, if you simply want to run around with an infinite ammo magnum killing everything with a one shot kill(except the boss) it may be a good break away from the main game.

The Verdict

Resident Evil Code Veronica X simply put is a Resident Evil game set on Hard from start to finish.

The challenge here is again something I would not call fair.

The challenge in Code Veronica X is really high and I would highly advise anybody who will play this, regardless of challenge to take a couple of looks at a walkthrough or take some advice from your veteran Resident Evil friends.

Aside from that, there's nothing exceptionally bad about the game except the voice acting.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X gets a score of 6 out of 10

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