The Last of Us Remastered Review

Last year an exclusive Playstation 3 title was released. Called 'The Last of Us' when it was released the reviews came and the word was spread.

The Last of Us was the best PS3 exclusive released and it received over 200 game of the year awards.

One year later it was remade for the Playstation 4.

For anyone who has not played The Last of Us and you own a PS4.

This is the exclusive you want in your game collection.

This is The Last of Us.

The Struggle for Survival
Photo Mode pictures that I took myself
The Last of Us is an emotional and terrifying tale of the world plunged into chaos by the evolution of the Cordyceps fungi. It has now evolved to the point where it now can affect human beings and no longer just a few insects like ants.

Not only does this story bring a new take on the zombie apocalypse setting but it also brings the most engrossing story that I have ever experienced on a video game.

The story has excellent pacing, memorable moments that have meaning and purpose that adds to the story with a cast of characters that are interesting and unique in their own way.

There is not one moment in the games' story that is forgettable or a character that was not interesting or simply made to be killed later.

You care about these characters, you want them to survive and if anything happens to them. You'll be wishing things went differently.

Can't Deny That View Though

The Last of Us looks amazing on the Playstation 4.

From the dark horrifying remains of buildings and city streets that are now flooded with blood, dead bodies and rusted over cars.

To the beautiful and lush forests that have been untouched by the chaos that has taken over the world.

Everything pops out at you with an even higher level of detail that the PS3 version had last year.

There will be moments in the game where you slowly walk through an area just to appreciate these amazing looking areas.

Scavenging, Sneaking and Shooting

The Last of Us is of course a game about survival.

The game is very non-linear as you can explore huge areas of abandoned stores, city streets and repair shops in order to find supplies to construct items to defend yourself, parts to improve weaponry and vitamin supplements to improve Joel's crafting speed, health and other things.

Another thing that I give this game points for is how well they balance the stealth and shooter aspects of the game.

It's not a game that emphasizes heavily on stealth or heavily emphasizes on stealth.

Shooter moments are placed at the right moments where it refreshes the gameplay and spices things up after a stealth moment of gameplay.

The stealth gameplay is very tense and at some points horrifying. There is an infected enemy known as clickers. Humans who have been exposed to the cordycep fungi for a long time and now have fungus growing out of their heads. They are now blind but make these horrifying sounds while roaming the area.

The stealth is unique in that you can hold down R1 in order to listen to your surroundings to find out where the enemies are and how you can avoid them.

One wrong move sound at the wrong spot and every enemy in the area will swarm you.


The Last of Us also has a really interesting multiplayer mode.

Not my cup of tea but very different from other multiplayer modes I've played in the past.

Like in the main game, you collect supplies in order to make equipment like med-kits, molotovs, smoke-bombs and IEDs.

The multiplayer combat is not fast paced and explosions everywhere as the weapons are not perfect condition assault rifles like in CoD or Battlefield. You also cannot make a lot of noise in the multiplayer or else the enemy team will know your position.

Customizing your factions character is also done very differently than other multiplayer customizations. Instead of simply winning modes, getting the most points or this amount of kills with this or that weapon. You instead have to find special supplies that enemies drop and the game gives you at the end of a match. Whether or you won or lost.

The faction that you choose will have a small pool of survivors and will grow as long as you keep collecting these special supplies. The more supplies you collect the more survivors there are and the more customization items you unlock.

The combat in the multiplayer is also not your typical action multiplayer. Weapons are not balls to the wall loud and fully automatic. Nor do they have a lot of ammo. If you use up too much ammo there is a big chance you can actually play the rest of a match without ammunition.

The one downside to the multiplayer though is actually a small assortment of modes. Only 3 multiplayer modes to play.

The Verdict

If you have bought The Last of Us or played The Last of Us from start to finish on the PS3.


If you did not play The Last of Us on the PS3 and own a PS4. Go out and buy this game now.

It is unlike any game out there.

The story is perfectly paced, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fantastic and the multiplayer is a breath of fresh air.

If you've been wanting to play a game with a great story, a great cast of characters and gameplay that gets you wanting to play even more.

This is the game for you.

The Last of Us gets a perfect 10 out of 10 an e

It is unlike anything I have ever played and I am really glad I got the opportunity to play it on the PS4.

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