GazetteGamerReviews: Don't Starve Console Edition

Hello everyone.

Some of you may have heard about this game for the PS4 that was made free for PS Plus subscribers.

Don't Starve.

A digital only title that is available on the PC and PS4.

What is it? Should you download it?



Don't Starve introduces us to a scientist named Wilson, we meet him conducting an experiment when he suddenly gets a message from his radio.

The radio tells Wilson that he can be given "secret knowledge".  This knowledge allows Wilson to create a portal into another world. Unfortunately, this world is a dark, twisted, supernatural universe with all sorts of deadly creatures.

Wilson is trapped in this world by a man only known as Maxwell.

Wilson must do what he can to survive as long as possible. Keeping himself well fed, healthy and mentally stable.

I really like the art style to Don't Starve.

It's very creative with some gothic like design.

Everything looks like it was done in pencil.

It's a very nice design that brings personality to the world and the characters you see in the game.


Don't Starve is a pure survival game.

You live or you die.

The game's challenge is to collect as much food and supplies to keep Wilson or the other characters you unlock in the game, alive.

That is not an easy task because your supplies will be very limited.

In the game you rely heavily on the environment for your supplies. Making tools such as axes, pickaxes and shovels in order to gather the supplies necessary to survive.

Food is rare to find and if you hold onto the food for an extended amount of time, the food will rot and not be able to keep your character well fed or healthy.

On top of making sure your character is well fed and healthy, you also need to make sure your character is also mentally stable. Your character will see things or experience things that will cause them to lose their sanity, the more their sanity lessens, your character will begin to see things that are not really there and will be closer to death.

Which brings me to the subject of dying in Don't Starve.

If your character sucumbs to starvation, loses all of their healthy or mental stability. You're dead. You could come back by finding objects known as "Touch Stones" or making devices that can respawn you with the supplies you have, but, if you didn't find a Touch Stone or make a respawn device, you're dead.

All of your items are dropped on the ground and you won't be able to come back to pick them up. You'll instead have to start over and try to survive again.

Which I found to actually be pretty fun and relaxing.

What made Don't Starve such an enjoyable experience for me, was the calm atmosphere and exploring this world to gather supplies and craft the best tools and equipment to keep my character alive.

My longest surviving streak has been 22 days and I'm doing my best to make it to 30.

Don't Starve is one of those games meant to pass the time without being loud, filled with explosions or guns. It's like Tetris, in the sense that you keep coming back to do better than you did before.

It's fun.

The Verdict

Don't Starve is a unique indie survival game with a great art design and gameplay.

It's a game that challenges the player on not having to rely on pre-made objects to survive and instead making the player create the objects to help the player survive.

I have not reached the ending of the game(although I don't know if there really is one) but you are looking at hours and hours and HOURS of game time.

Unfortunately this title is no longer free on PSN but I would recommend downloading it regardless.

Don't Starve gets an excellent 4 out of 5

Thanks for reading.

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