Fox News Legal Analyst links Dark Souls to "Craiglist Killer"

Yes everyone it's 2014. The 2nd month into the new year and here we go again into the world of ignorance and scapegoats.


Fox News Legal Analyst Peter Johnson Jr. when discussing the arrest of the dubbed "Craigslist Killer" on Wednesday  this week was listing factors as to what could have made her  go on this rampage.

He goes on to list the factors as to what may have been the thing to turn her into a killer.

Dark Souls was the first thing listed as to what may have made her into a murderer.

He stated: "We're talking about a girl at age 13,14,15, after being part of one murder, going on and completing 20-something murders," he goes on saying   "We do know that has an affinity for the fantasy game called Dark Souls, which is a very dark, death laden video game that's on Playstation and other kinds of video type things where there's a lot of killing involved."

The thing is, he says this BEFORE saying "We do know she said that she was abused as a child, she did say that she had an abortion as a result of an unwanted pregnancy."

Does anyone else find a problem with that?

Here's the video with more information on the arrest of the killer

 I love the fact that he said "video type things" because that absolutely sounds like someone who does not understand what video games are let alone knowing what a video game console is.

I don't like the fact that once again video games are being added to the list of reasons which causes someone to become a mass murderer.

It's the 21st century, can we please stop blaming things we don't understand as the causes of the things such as murder?

Murder has been something going on WAY before video games existed.

Again, video games do not turn you into a murderer. If you're worried about your children being exposed to excessively violent video games. Don't buy the games for your kids.

We keep perpetuating this strange and absolutely illogical idea that if you play a violent video game then you yourself will become a violent person.

I've played games where you chop someone in half with a chainsaw bayonet. I have played games where you dismember limbs off of reanimated corpses with the internal organs of the corpse out in plain sight.

I've played games where you can shoot heads off of creatures and other characters to see their eyes rolling around on the floor.

I have not gone on a mass killing/ shooting spree. I don't believe that I know I can use advanced weaponry simply because I used them in a video game.

I am a quiet and calm 20 year old college kid that listens to Nat King Cole as I walk to the bus stop to get to get to school.

This woman who committed these murders was psychologically disturbed. She had mental issues.

Enough with the scapegoats.

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