GazetteGamer BF4 W.Guides: M40A5 Sniper Rifle

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another one of my BF4 weapon guides.

Today, we are going to be looking at the second bolt-action rifle of the Recon Class.

The M40A5.

In-Game Stats

The M40A5 returns from Battlefield 3 as your second unlocked bolt-action rifle in the Recon class. Unlocked after getting a score of 8,000 with sniper rifles.

The M40A5's damage is on par with most sniper rifles, 100 hit points of damage with every shot and 59 at an extreme distance.

The damage drop off begins at 12.5 meters and completely drops off at 100 meters.

We are looking at a bolt-action rifle so the fire rate is slow, only 60 rounds per minute.

Muzzle Velocity is good at 480 meters per second, for reference, most of the later unlocked sniper rifles such as the JNG-90, .338 Recon and SRR-61 have a muzzle velocity 100 to 200 meters faster than the 0A5.

Magazine size however is good for a sniper, 10 rounds + 1 in the chamber for 11 shots. The reload speed is also not that bad; with rounds still left in the magazine you are looking at a reload speed of 2.7 seconds. If the you completely empty the magazine, you are looking at a 4 second reload time.

Recoil value is low. With only a value of .25 up and 0 no where else, the recoil will only go up with every shot.

The first scope you have unlocked for the rifle is the 8x Rifle Scope. More commonly seen on American based rifles.

Experience/ Recommendations

In my personal experience, I found the rifle to be quite good and it got me a lot of head shots this morning before I left for college. The bullet drop was an issue in some instances but I found that tiny adjustments on my scope orientation to help me get the one shot kills I needed to win some sniper battles with opponents.

I didn't find the weapon to really need any attachment besides the 8x scope. The Bipod was useful when I would snipe from afar, most of the time I didn't use it.

So I would strongly recommend getting the Bipod for the M40A5 which is unlocked after 20 kills.

The Verdict

The M40A5 is a great sniper rifle to use to get into BF4 sniping.

Veterans of BF3 who were avid snipers will feel right at home using this rifle.

It's a weapon that really only needs one other attachment beside the scope, which is the Bipod.

You can do very well with that simple set up.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something useful.

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