GazetteGamer BF4 W.Guides: U-100 MK5

Hello everyone.

Welcome to another one of my Battlefield 4 weapon guides.

Today we are looking at the first LMG unlocked for the Support Kit in Battlefield 4.

The U-100 MK5.

Weapon Profile

The U-100 or the Ultimax 100, is a weapon that originates from Singapore.

The weapon is designed to fire the 5.56mm round that entered production in 1982.

The LMG was designed by American fire arms designer James Sullivan for Chartered Industries of Singapore, now known as Singapore Technologies Kinetics.

The MK5 is the 5th variant of the weapon that includes a folding stock, Pica tinny rails and is capable of accepting M16 STANAG mags. 30 round box magazines can be accepted by the weapon and even 100 round mag drum.

Game Performance


I have used this weapon since the Beta began......I don't like it.

Unlocked right from the start for the Support kit, the U-100 MK5 is a slow firing LMG with damage on par with most of the LMGS. Dealing 25 units of damage up close and 18 units of damage at range.

The range is actually pretty awesome. You'll deal 25 units of damage out to 8 meters and the weapon dropping to the minimum 18 units of damage out to 65 meters.

The fire rate is rather slow for a weapon. Clocking in at only 590 RPM with a muzzle velocity of 650 meters a second.

Recoil is relatively high with a value of .25 up, .2 to the left and right. To translate, that means the weapon will rise up, you're looking at a gun with the only recoil being vertical.

Magazine size when it comes to an LMG is pretty poor. 45 rounds +1 in the chamber, the magazine size is really an extended assault rifle mag.

Fortunately for us, seeing as how the weapon is a default unlock, it comes with it's own set of attachments already set for you to use.

The U-100 comes equipped with the HD-33 sight, a 2x magnifier accessory, muzzle brake and bipod.

You might be asking yourself this, "These are some pretty good stats, so why don't you like it?"

It's because of the weapon spread.

LMGs in Battlefield 4 have god awful bullet spread. You can be 2 feet away from your opponent and if you try to cut him down with your mighty LMG. You will find that a lot of the bullets will miss your opponent.

You could take off the Muzzle Brake to avoid the automatic fire penalty, but you would still notice that some of your shots will miss your target. Even at close range.

The fire rate is also not helping anyone here. Chances are that your opponent is using a weapon with a faster fire rate and less weapon spread, so you will probably lose the fire fight. The fire rate could end up losing the fight to your opponents' weapon.

Really the U-100 is a crummy assault rifle found in the LMG category. DICE can label it an LMG all it wants, when it comes to the magazine size, fire rate and recoil. It's an assault rifle in LMG clothing.

If you do decide on using this weapon to unlock other LMGs then here is my recommended set up.


The first attachment you should equip should be the Stubby Grip. Unlocked after 10 kills, the attachment will reduce any automatic fire penalty by 15%.

The second attachment should be the Coyote Red Dot Sight, this sight in particular because of it's wider sight picture it has. The sight is really nice to use and helps a lot to keep track of targets.

The third attachment should be the Heavy Barrel. The attachment will help decrease the weapon spread giving you some added accuracy when firing....anywhere.

The fourth attachment is up to you.

The Verdict

If you do decide to use this weapon, the only real issue you will have to deal with is the weapon spread.

Instead of holding down the trigger, I suggest you tap fire the trigger and control the spread.

If you want to unlock the rest of the LMGs you will unfortunately have to deal with this weapon. As soon as you unlock a different LMG...


You will not be doing yourself any favors by continuing to use this LMG even after unlocking other LMGs.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helps and join me next time when I'll be reviewing the P226 Handgun.


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