The GTA V Review from Gamespot

Hello everyone.

So yesterday(and today) has been  a great day for Rockstar and their latest masterpiece Grand Theft Auto V

10 out of 10s, 5 out of 5s and other high scores from reviewers all over the internet.

On Metacritic the game is getting really good scores. 98 for the 360 version and a 97 on the PS3 version(don't ask me about the one point difference, I don't understand it either).

I watched the Adam Sessler review on Rev3Games, 5 out of 5. IGN video review was done by Keza MacDonald, 10 out of 10. I recently watched Gamespot's review on Grand Theft Auto V, 9 out of 10. Reviewed by Carolyn Pettit, the game lost a point due to the erratic behavior of the three characters, they would take the moral high ground one moment but then sink to the lowest form of morality the next because the game dictated it.

That 1 point off of a perfect score did not make people happy, right now there is 2,982 likes and 4,334 dislikes, take a guess as to why that is.

The comments section is riddled with disgusting comments about why Carolyn gave the game a 9 instead of a 10, insults about the sound of her voice, the fact that her opinion was different than everyone else on the internet and even insults because Carolyn is transgender.

Carolyn talked about how the game portrays women with only specific character traits and doesn't develop the female characters like the male characters, how women are only strippers, prostitutes, long suffering wives, humorless girlfriends and crazy new age feminists the player is meant to laugh at.

There are comments on why that should not affect the score,accusing Carolyn of being a misogynist simply for acknowledging misogyny, really if you want to go see how low people will sink down to simply insult Carolyn over the score, it's absolutely disgusting.

I normally would never write about these kinds of things unless it's something I feel I should write about, this is one of those times.

Not only did these people say such  vicious things about Carolyn, there was a petition to get her fired over the review. I say was because the petition was taken down.

Do you ever wonder why gamers get such a bad name? This is why. We get such a bad rep and  a bad name because there are those of us in our community which will say such psychotic vicious things about someone who voiced an opinion different than their own about a videogame or mentioned that the "gift from the video game gods" is not perfect. We get such a bad name because of people who decided to create the petition to fire Carolyn over an issue she found with a video game and opinions she shared.

I've got some news for all of you who've read my reviews, those are my opinions. My review on Dead Rising 2, that's my opinion, my review on Twilight Princess, that's my opinion, my review on Skyrim, that's my opinion.

A review is an opinion someone shares to others about a certain product or service, if you have a problem with someone sharing their opinion and that opinion is different than yours.You are the problem within this community, you give gamers like me and others such a bad name that we end up paying for it over and over again because of these comments you make and the reactions you have to someone having a different opinion, and if you are also criticizing Carolyn's review over the fact that she is transgender. You really must very insecure about your sexuality if the fact that you're listening or looking at a transgender gets you so frustrated you feel the need to insult that person.

The rules set by this vicious circle of our community are as follows. Your opinion must agree with mine, if it doesn't you either were paid by the developers to give the game a good score or you need to be silenced /fired from your job because you found a problem with the game while also giving it an amazing score and recommending it to everyone else to play.

You really should not be watching or reading reviews if you're only going to criticize the reviewer for having a different opinion than yours. It's the internet, you will always find someone with a different opinion and every review you hear or read is someone's opinion being told to you and others.

You also should not be insulting someone for being transgender, it was their body and their life, the fact that you would react in such a way is why gamers get such bad rep and why we still deal with issues like racism and misogyny.

It is truly the most disgusting thing in the world to see someone condemned over personal opinion and over gender. It's 2013 and we're still dealing with these issues.

To Carolyn Pettit of Gamespot, I say to you to ignore these people, ignore what they're saying about you and keep doing what you're doing. In fact Carolyn, show up in more videos to irritate the same people who are criticizing you now, the rest of us will be able to see who these people really are behind that computer screen.

Thank you for reading.

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