Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review(2013)

Hello everyone.

I  recently finished Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.  I mean that quite literally, I finished my first playthrough not 20 minutes ago(when you guys read this it will be much later).

How was it?

It was very fun.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger takes place in 1910. A bounty hunter by the name of Silas Greaves stops in a saloon to take a break before he continues the job he's on. The patrons recognize his name and begin to ask him questions about his past adventures in his early days as a bounty hunter.

Silas Greaves tells the story of his past. How he became a bounty hunter and why. Who was he after in his past adventures? Who has he hunted down and who has he killed?

Is anything he's telling true?

It's a great western story to be listened to. What's unique about the story however is how it is told. In most games, the story is told between cutscenes. You play a mission, finish it and the story continues. Not in Gunslinger, the story of Gunslinger is told as you play the missions. Silas Greaves is constantly narrating the story which results in the missions you play changing. What happens in the story and who you face in the story will dramatically change quickly if Silas corrects himself or if someone knows what truly happened at the point in time Silas is trying to remember.

What also gives the story a very good quality is the top notch voice acting by every character you hear in the story. Although Silas is the voice you will be hearing for a majority of the game, when every other character in the game speaks, the voice acting from the other characters is also very good.

It's very interesting to see the narrative change or be added with more dialogue based on player action and if the story being told is not 100% accurate.


Gunslinger is beautiful. The cell shading done by the Chrome Engine 5 results in greatly designed environments.

From dominating canyons, lush forests, crystal clear lakes and moss infested swamps. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a gorgeous game. Everything you have ever imagined seeing in an old western is there for your eyes to enjoy.


The gameplay to Gunslinger is the absolutely fun. Although the gameplay to past COJ titles have not been that great; Gunslinger fixes that issue and brings a very fun guns blazing arcade FPS to a new level.

From classic six shooters to lever action rifles. Gunslinger makes sure you recognize this game as a true western shooter. Firing these iconic old west weapons has never been so much fun as it is in Gunslinger. As you kill the enemy you earn experience points, based on how you executed the kill could result in a massive XP bonus. It's also used to add to your high score at the end of the mission; the more enemies you kill in a short amount of time the higher the score multiplier rises as well as XP bonuses.

When you level up you have 3-skill chambers. I would call them trees but in the game the trees are represented as revolver chambers. Each skill chamber has 6 perks. Each 3 chambers will have benefits to support specific play styles. Perks for gunslingers who run and gun, perks for long range snipers and perks for close quarter powerhouses. If you fill up a chamber you gain access to a legendary weapon which will have specific traits improved for a more powerful weapon.

A unique aspect to the Call of Juarez series has been dueling. Although dueling is improved, it's not as improved as we all would like. In Call of Juarez Bound in Blood the dueling mechanic was rather frustrating; Gunslinger improves the mechanic slightly but at times it doesn't follow the rules it set out when you first tried to duel.

The two main factors in dueling is Speed and Focus. Speed affects how quick you draw your weapon. Unlike in Bound In Blood you actually see a meter that shows how fast you'll draw your gun. Speed will be affected by positioning your player's right hand in the right position to increase the speed. Focus affects how accurate your shot will be on your enemy. You need to keep the Focus reticle steady and on the target as much as possible. If you lose track of your target, there is a good chance your shot will miss.

At times it doesn't play by it's own rules because at times the steps you took to win the last duel will change in the next duel you're in. It's very frustrating and isn't fun at all.

Which leads be to the 2 alternate modes available in the game. Arcade and Dueling. The Arcade mode sets you at a specific level, with you starting from point A to reach point B trying to get the highest score you could possible earn. What's also unique about the arcade mode is it lets you play with 3 different classes which you can level up to earn more perks for that particular class which could increase your chances of earning better score.

As for's you against every boss that you faced at the end of some of the story missions with the dueling mechanic. Avoid at all costs.

The Verdict

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is exactly what it says in the title.

It's you with a six-shooter taking on bands of outlaws with smooth gunplay and a fun arcade style. The story and presentation of the game are also very superb and unique. Not trying to be like any other FPS or any other western themed game.

It sets out to be it's own game with it's own qualities that make it stand out above other FPS titles. I tip my hat to the developers for accomplishing that and I also thank the developers for making a game that at the end of the day is pure fun.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger gets an excellent 9 out of 10

Thanks for reading.

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