Battlefield 3: Premium Edition Review (Released September 11th 2012)

As we approach the launch of the Battlefield 4 Beta. It is time we say goodbye to Battlefield 3.

In anticipation of Battlefield 4, I picked up the Premium Edition a few weeks ago. I've rented BF3 in the past but I finally went through with owning it. I'm glad I finally bought this game.

For this review I will be going over the Campaign, Presentation and Multiplayer and the Premium aspect of this particular edition of BF3. I will not be covering every piece of DLC but I will mention what you gain access to if you purchase the Premium Edition to Battlefield 3.

Let's begin.

The Campaign to Battlefield 3 is one aspect of Battlefield 3 that is made rather poorly. The Campaign's story will be very familiar to many COD players. In the story of Battlefield 3 you are being interrogated by two people from the FBI. The main character, Sgt.Blackburn tells the story through flashbacks.

You find out through Blackburn's story that he was sent to investigate an enemy opposition known as the PLR, an Islamic extremist group that is trying to take over a middle eastern country.

Never heard of a plot like that before....

Further into the investigation they realize that the PLR has required portable nukes. You get the idea.

The plot to the campaign is very unoriginal and the character development very weak. There is no character development ever in the story to BF3, the characters you meet for the first time will act the way you first met them throughout the game.

On top of that, the campaign is rather short. One playthrough on the Normal difficulty and you're looking at 5 to 6 hours of a campaign. Another aspect of the campaign I find odd is the lack of destructible environments. Battlefield has that advantage over COD, destructible environments. If you have found any type of weapon that deals explosive damage and have a couple of grenades to throw, save them. Do not attempt to destroy anything that the enemy AI is using for cover.

Overall I would suggest leaving the campaign alone. The main aspect of Battlefield 3 is the multiplayer. Not the campaign.

Battlefield 3 brings an extraordinary amount of detail to it's presentation. Highly detailed environments and buildings make up the environment you will explore in the game. The way it can handle all the chaos going on in the game and not drop in frame rate is mind boggling.

You will see this not only in the campaign but also the multiplayer. There is quite a lot of eye candy for you in the game, especially the weapon detail of the many different weapons you will use in the single player and multiplayer.


The multiplayer of Battlefield 3 is the reason why Battlefield 3 is very well known and is loved my many players.

The multiplayer is honestly the best multiplayer I have played this generation. No other military FPS that I have ever played comes close to the kind of experience I have had in BF3.

Battlefield 3 will offer you a multiplayer experience far different than anything you've played so far. There is a learning curve to the multiplayer but it can be learned rather quickly by playing a few matches.

In Battlefield 3 players will be able to use 4 multiplayer classes, each with their own unique equipment to use and primary weapons. Each kit will have their own unlocks for different weapons and equipment to use only for that particular kit.

This class system does allow for players of different play styles to experiment with each class to find a class they prefer to use and not only do the best with performance wise but will also  find which class they can use that will also support their team the most.

What also gives Battlefield that distinct advantage over Call of Duty is the addition of allowing players to use vehicles. Tanks, humvees, helicopters, jets, motor bikes and more. Be warned! The air based vehicles are the most difficult to control vehicles in the game, those without experience will be struggling to stay leveled in the air and able to fire the main weapons of the vehicle without tilting the vehicle and ending up crashing against a wall, blowing up the vehicle and killing anyone else in the process.

Combine the destructible environments with the the vehicles and you can have some very chaotic multiplayer matches. At the beginning of the match the map can be perfectly intact. At the end of the match however, the map could be left horribly scarred.


The Premium Edition of Battlefield 3 is an all in one value pack. Battlefield 3 Premium Edition will not only come with the game but will also come with an access code for every major piece of DLC for free.

Back to Karkand-15 dollars

Close Quarters-15 dollars

Armored Kill-15 dollars

Aftermath-15 dollars

and End Game-15 dollars

The Premium Edition is 30 dollars as of right now, so you're already saving quite a bit of money.

Each DLC pack will be available to download for free in the Premium members menu. You can choose to download the content in the game, when you do that you can spend most of the time waiting for the download to finish by playing the multiplayer.

Every Premium member also gets a new knife to use in the multiplayer as well as a new set of dog tags you can unlock by completing certain challenges for these special tags.

Premium Members also get early access to the BF4 Beta of next week.

The Verdict

Battlefield 3's time has come to an end. It's now time for Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 3 has been an amazing experience and it's a game that I suggest those who are anticipating the release of Battlefield 4 to pick up so you're prepared for what's to come with BF4. It's a game I also suggest to those who are tired of Call of Duty.

The campaign is weak, the presentation and multiplayer aspects of Battlefield 3 is the strongest aspects of the game.

A well designed multiplayer that offers an experience like no other military FPS.

Battlefield 3 gets an excellent 8 out of 10

Thanks for reading. 

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