The Walking Dead TV Series Review.

Throughout my time of watching TV and growing up with it, many great TV shows have come and gone, a few years back people were jumping up and down talking about this new series called "The Walking Dead" I myself at first didn't have an interest in the series as I tended to watch the detective shows of CBS such as CSI, NCIS and many others.

Last year was time for the Season 3 premiere, curiosity sunk in and I decided to tune in to watch. Although at first I was lost because of missing the past 2 seasons I was interested and hooked into the show. I didn't know these characters but something about the story and the events going on in the show  kept me interested. I was hooked into this series, after only watching one episode of the 3rd season.

Let's review "The Walking Dead"

The Story/History
The Walking Dead is  based off a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Robert Kirkman may be a familiar name to many of you because he is also the executive producer.

The story supposedly takes place during the modern and current time, the world has been ravaged by a mysterious plaque causing the dead to come back to life. We are introduced to Rick Grimes, a sheriff's deputy who wakes up from a coma to find the world destroyed and scarred from the outbreak of this unknown plague.

Rick fights his way through this apocalypse to find his wife and son and to help what could be the last handful of people left on Earth to fight through this apocalypse to find sanctuary. Although they are struggling to stay alive they also face personal problems and fears. Loosing loved ones and loosing faith is harming their chances of survival. They start to tear apart and loose faith in each other.

Rick must also organize and unite the group of survivors to stay alive, while also dealing with his own personal problems.

 The Writing
The way the story is written and what the characters are faced with in this apocalypse is heartbreaking, emotional but are also realistic scenarios that anyone may or may not have to face if the supposed "Zombie Apocalypse" does come true (it won't though).

These are not cardboard cut out characters that are put together, these are real people dealing with real problems that they face on a daily basis. Loosing loved ones to these monsters, discovering your loved one has become the very thing that they were trying to defeat and escape from.

It's a story that keeps you hooked and you want to see what will happen in the end if all goes well or if all goes wrong. The events that take place throughout the series and every episode are not events that bore you or are laughably ridiculous. These events shock you and surprise you with what happens next and what the event means for everyone or someone who has all ready been struggling throughout each episode.

You will love these characters and feel for their pain and understand what they're going through when things go rough.

The Acting
Every actor or actress in this series does a fantastic job, the actors and actresses that come and go and even the child actors of the show, you will not find an over the top actor or a bad performance.

The way each actor performs and executes their lines feel, look and hear real. These aren't just lines taken out of the comic books and put into live action film these are real people talking having real conversations, I know how strange that sounds but for a fictional TV series this is a really good thing.

Did you know Andrew Lincoln is actually an Englishman?

The Verdict
The Walking Dead is an amazing TV series. This TV show is on a simple cable TV channel but it's quality in story telling, writing and acting is very worthy of being compared to one of the many shows on HBO or STARZ.

It is the most watched basic cable television show and not many other TV series are as popular as The Walking Dead.

To a new comer to the show you may be turned away from the drama and maybe the gore, but it's an acquired taste. Watch one or two episodes of the series from the first or second season and you will be hooked to discover what new threat lies in their path.

I give The Walking Dead a 10/10

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