Far Cry 3(2012) Review

Fellow Gamers, my fellow sisters and brothers. This is one of those games, a game that comes around only once in a lifetime that does it right. You may have heard this game being compared to Skyrim and it being called Skyrim with guns, this statement is true. You need only to play it for yourself.

This....is Far Cry 3.


The story to Far Cry 3 is nothing special but is still interesting non the less. You play as Jason Brody, rich kid with friends living life out in the Pacific. You and your friends sky dive down to Rook Island an Island famously known as being a breeding ground for pirates and criminals.

You escape from a man named Vaas who is the leader of the pirates on the island. You must learn how to become your own one man army to take down Vaas and his associates to save your friends while learning how to become a part of the rebel group known as the Rakyat. Become a part of the Rakyat, save your friends.

It's a story with certain predictable moments but it still does surprise you with some major twists and turns in the story. The game delivers greatly in the story, you will be sucked into the story and focus greatly on every detail there is. However that is not the strong suit of the game.

Far Cry 3 looks gorgeous, everywhere and anywhere you look on the island it is a beautiful landscape after the other. Although the island is a war zone you still somehow find peace wondering the island. Whether it's reaching the top of the mountain or running through it's many forests. Like Skyrim, you do want to do some major exploring to find many things, guns, ammo, special items and side quests for you to accomplish.

The more exploration you do the more the game rewards you for your efforts.


Remember when the trailers came out for Far Cry 3 and people claimed that Far Cry 3 was like Skyrim with guns? They were not wrong.

The Rook Islands are massive, filled with forests, waterfalls, small villages and outposts of the pirates on the island.

Even in the early stages of the game you can run throughout all of the island equipped only with a M1911 and still find interesting areas as well as important locations, these areas might be enemy outposts that you need to take over in order to reduce the amount of bad guys you encounter on the island or increase the amount of side missions you have available. These missions range from finding a particular animal and killing it, saving someone that is being held captive by pirates, racing through the island on a quad bike to deliver medical supplies or deliver weapons to a group of rebels fighting off the pirates.

It combines the Skyrim free roam element while also combining other elements from other popular comes, but does not take these elements and make it too similar to the game the element is based on. In Red Dead Redemption you could hunt animals to skin them and sell at trade posts or general stores, in Far Cry 3, they can be used to craft useful items for your player, bigger loot sacks, more ammunition or a bigger wallet by hunting down a particular animal. In Assassin's Creed, you would scale certain buildings to reach the Syncronization Point to give you a more detailed map of the area, in Far Cry 3 you scale radio towers that are torn apart, if you're not careful you could fall and die, these radio towers can also be used to unlock new weapons to purchase at stores.

As for combat,  you also have many options. The game allows you to approach combat situations either stealthfully or aggressively, you want to run in guns blazing with your M60 LMG? No problem. Want to sneak through the outpost taking down the pirates without alerting the others with your hunting bow? No problem. Alarm in the outpost went off? Enemy helicopter coming in? Just equip the explosive tipped arrows while using your bow and that helicopter will be gone in an instant.. The combat really allows a player to be free to use whatever they want to use and how they want to use it, you can find some pretty creative ways to kill these pirates with the weapons you have and the environment in the outposts.

It's a game that truly allows a player to be free and have the experience they want to have in the manor they want.

Multiplayer/Co-op missions
If you bought this game for the multiplayer, you made the wrong purchase.

Far Cry 3's multiplayer isn't bad, there's nothing really wrong with it but it's pretty much Call of Duty without the annoying 5 year old screaming at you for killing him. The hit detection is fine, killing enemies by doing certain actions grants you more XP, the more you level up your gun the more attachments and special mods it can use. Much like MW3's multiplayer in which where by how many kills you would get with your weapon the more Proficiency abilities you would unlock and the more attachments you could unlock as well.

However unique to Far Cry 3, depending on who is on top of the leader board and whoever is on the winning team you can perform a finishing move, in which whether your character will punish the person on the enemy team who is on top of the leader board with either an aggressive kick in the nuts or a hand shake to simply say "Good game"

You can also unlock different finishing moves as you progress in the multiplayer.

As for the co-op missions it's nothing very special. Much like Halo 4's Spartan Ops, these missions have a story but drag on and on to the point where they bore you. It is exciting at first to play these missions to continue shooting down bad guys with your custom multiplayer class but over all it's nothing too special for you and your friends to gather around and play. However if you are an achievement hunter then this mode is for you.

The Verdict
Far Cry 3 is like Skyrim with guns. It gives you so much freedom to do what you want, players who do the more ridiculous things like kill a pack of sheep with an RPG. It's a game that is not too ridiculous where you can no longer take the game seriously, it's a game you can play, laugh about it to tell your friends and yet still appreciate what the game has to offer.

Far Cry 3 earns it's well deserved 10/10

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