Call of Duty Black Ops 2:Zombies Review

Hello all, we're heading back into Black Ops 2 today and we're looking over the ever so popular Zombies mode in Black Ops 2.

Now before I begin this review will be very similar to when I review a game, however I will not give it a rating and instead sum up what the mode has to offer and how it compares to previous Zombie modes we've seen in COD:World at War, Black Ops and now.

Let's begin.

Taking place in 2025, the zombies mode sets you in the Northern Hemisphere, the world has ended after the events taking place in Black Ops 1 at the end of the Moon zombies map, the world has been scared with atomic missiles hitting the earth but also bringing the zombie apocalypse.

The zombies are no longer controlled by the evil girl known as Samantha. (SPOILERS)  Richtofen and the others found Samantha on the Moon base and through mysterious ways Richtofen is now in control of the zombies and is using them to kill all of Earth's inhabitants.

You play as one of four survivors who are fighting through the Northern Hemisphere trying to survive and to help the mysterious Dr.Maximus who is attempting to re-write all the wrongs done by Richtofen.

To have a better understanding of the zombies story line you would need to play each zombies map from the original Black Ops and complete each special task you need to complete to understand what happens in the next zombies map. Such maps you should play to understand the story is Shangri-La, Call of The Dead and Moon. Each of these maps have the events that lead to the current setting in 2025.

If you don't feel like putting in the extra bucks to understand the story, simply look up these events on Youtube.

Zombies looks awful, which is a good thing. When you look at the world of Zombies and what has taken place in the story, the atmosphere and locations you go to totally fit into the zombies world. You will be fighting through a scorched earth, even with the magma coming from the Earth's core breaking through the surface.

The zombie sounds are still there and the dark atmosphere is also there.

If you have played Zombies before, you know how to play this one. You still rebuild barriers and earn points, you still get headshots for extra points and you still go to the mystery box or pick up guns from off the wall.

However there is a new twist into the game mode, there is no longer just survival. There is also Tranzit, the new Zombies CAMPAIGN mode that allows you and your friends to explore the Northern Hemisphere to find parts and pieces of items you can craft to survive the unending horde of zombies but to also find secret areas to pack a punch weapons and discover Easter eggs. As well as ranking up, zombies now has a ranking system, how it exactly works I'm not sure, how much experience you earn through killing zombies or reviving teammates does earn more XP, how much I'm not sure.

Adding to the zombies experience aside from Tranzit and the standard Survival mode from the original Black Ops is also Grief. A "8z8" mode where there is 2 teams of four fighting for survival or working together.

Grief is both a competitive game mode and a co-operative mode. On the competitive side you and your team mates must fight to survive and make sure the other team does not ruin your chances of survival, when one of your team mates go down only you or another team mate must revive him, the enemy team can not revive that team member. Also they can prevent you from reviving that team member by knifing you, either slowing down the process or preventing you from reviving him in general.

Also when items such as Max Ammo, InstaKill and Double Points arrive, the effect will only work on that team that picked up the power up, if one of your team mates walk through max ammo you and your team will receive the ammo, the enemy team will run dry.On the cooperative side you could get 8 friends together, play Grief and fight the horde together, or also fight against each other to see who is superior.

For those wondering about the Pack-A-Punch you can now pack a punch weapons more then once to receive a new attachment. However this effect will only work on weapons new to the Black Ops series, weapons such as the SMR, MTAR, Type-25 and Remington-870 can be pack a punched more then once. However pack a punching a second time does not result in a more powerful weapon, instead it adds a new attachment from the weapons attachment list. You could pack a punch your HAM-R LMG 3 times in order to receive the grip attachment to reduce recoil. You can go down the line of attachments all the way to the MMS(Mili-Meter Scanner) attachment. Also each type you re-pack-a-punch it does not cost five-thousand points anymore, it only costs two-thousand to pack-a-punch the same gun. Weapons from the first Black Ops can only be pack-a-punched once.

Now for those who have a hard time staying alive in Zombies but collect enough points to purchase all the perks you will be glad to know that Treyarch has added in a new perk known as Tombstone.

Tombstone is like your back-pack from Zombi-U, if one of your survivors die you need to go to where he died to get all of your weapons and items back, Tombstone is like that but you get back all your perks and guns back except for Tombstone, you will have to buy Tombstone back if you die and collect your Tombstone.

Once you die a glowing Tombstone  will appear on the map,it will glow exactly like powerups such as Max Ammo and Double Points, once the new wave starts you can go pick up the Tombstone to get back everything you lost when you died. Don't worry about time, it lasts the entire game, have faith that your team mates will survive to the end.

The new Zombies Mode is like it's own game. We have a zombies campaign, a zombies competitive mode that can also be used as a cooperative mode and of course the classic survival mode.

When you finish the campaign, or don't quite feel like playing the multiplayer you can get your friends together to play some zombies.

Thank you for reading, come again when my next post will be the weapon guide on the M-TAR from the multiplayer.

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