Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide:M-TAR Assault Rifle

Hello everyone, time for my first weapon guide of Black Ops 2. Today we're looking at the starting assault rifle, the M-TAR.

The Micro-Tar is a micro version of the TAR-21 rifle. It's designed to take advantage of a shorter barrel which means decreased recoil but increased accuracy. Designed for special fores units, it is capable of converting to different ammo variants such as the NATO standard 5.56 cartridge and the 9mm submachine gun round.

It is also designed to be capable of attaching a Suppressor, as of 2009 a grenade launcher was being designed to attach to the M-TAR, the M-TAR can attach the M203PI grenade launcher.

If you're a FPS veteran then you saw this weapon first in Battlefield 3 as part of the Close Quarters DLC, for COD veterans we saw this weapon's bigger brother, the TAR-21 in Modern Warfare 2. I'm warning you now, the M-TAR is not the TAR-21 we saw in Modern Warfare 2.

Multiplayer Stats, Attachments and Performance
In game the M-TAR is a high damage, low recoil, moderate fire-rate assault rifle, unlocked as soon as you reach Level 4 as part of Create-A-Class.

The M-TAR breaks tradition of COD multiplayer, in previous COD games we had a run of the mill assault rifle. A weapon that wasn't the highest damage in the tier but could still cut deep into the enemy, here the M-TAR is a powerful starting weapon with low recoil.

The M-TAR on the other hand lacks fire rate in turn for damage and accuracy. The range however is nothing to brag about.

The M-TAR fires at a decent rate of 750 Rounds Per Minute and deals damage at a total of 40 up close and 24 at a distance, you're going to take out the enemies with 3 hits up close or 5 hits at a distance. If you hit the head you gain a 1.2 damage multiplier you will now deal 48 damage if you hit the head up close and 28.8 damage if you're hitting the head at a distance.

The range of the M-TAR is poor, at a range of 10 meters you're dealing the maximum damage, at 20 to 40 meters the damage drops by 10, resulting in 30 points of damage at a range of 40 and further your dealing 24 damage. This is a terrible range for an assault rifle, the M-TAR has the damage of an assault rifle but the range of an SMG, the M-TAR is an SMG on steroids.

It's a decent weapon for beginners but you won't be able to take out enemies at a range. The reload speed isn't that great either, if you're doing a normal reload it will take 2.49 seconds but if the mag was empty you're looking at a reload time of 2.97 You really need to unlock Fast Mags as soon as possible to eliminate the slow reload time.

The transition speeds however make up for the slow reload, the raise speed for the M-TAR is .680 mili-seconds, the drop speed is .350 mili-seconds, the ADS speed is standard for an assault rifle, at .250 mili-seconds even getting out of ADS will be .250 mili-seconds.

The M-TAR holds it own to be a decent assault rifle in damage and accuracy, however in terms of range it's an SMG.

The iron sights are some what decent but are not the best I've seen in a COD game.
The M-TAR at best is an average weapon but still gives beginners a fighting edge. Due to the new Pick-10 system I will actually be giving you 2 class set ups, a beginner class and veteran class.

Beginner( Weapon Level 1-10)
For your attachments the Quick Draw Handle is best, lowering the ADS speed to be quick on target. The fast mag will also be a good attachment.

For your secondary I recommend the Five-Seven, with low recoil, a high magazine and powerful shots the Five Seven will be a good quick swap to weapon.

As for your perks Light Weight, Toughness and Dexterity will suit well to the weapon.

To fill out the remaining last 3 points Semtex grenade and 2 Concussion grenades will set you up with a decent with class for starting out your journey for more attachments and better perks.

M-TAR-1 point, Quickdraw and Fast Mags-2 points, Five-Seven handgun-1 point, Light Weight, Toughness and Dexterity-3 points.

Semtex Grenade and 2 Concussion grenades-3 points.

10 points filled and ready for combat.

Veteran(Weapon Level 11-17)
 By now you are an expert with the M-TAR and know it's strengths and weaknesses.For your attachments choose the Quick Draw Handle, Extended Clip and FMJ. Extended Clip will give you more starting ammunition and will be useful for taking out multiple opponents,  FMJ will help penetrate opponents and hit others behind the starting opponent resulting in many multi-kills and can be used effectively through cover.To get three attachments on the M-TAR you will also need the Primary gun fighter wild card.

For your perks use a majority of the same perks except with Dexterity also use Engineer. In order to do this you will need to use the Perk 3 Greed wild card.

This class is meant to use just the M-TAR to fight off the opposition. For those against the strongest of weapons and sharpest of opponents.

M-TAR, Primary Gun fighter, Quickdraw, Extended Clip and FMJ.

 Perk 3 Greed,Lightweight, Toughness, Dexterity and Engineer.

FMJ can be used to take out equipment you see through walls and cover to take out campers with the help of Engineer. This class is meant for those who use the M-TAR as their bane against all types of players against any type of opposition and still comes out on top.

You will still have a combat knife for a secondary that doesn't cost a point which you can even earn camos for to show players how skilled you are with a knife.

Extended Clip will give you an extra boost in magazine and ammunition supply.

Although these are classes I have recommended still, feel free to alternate the class into what you think will be of more benefit for you and feel free to suggest the class to me in the comments down below.

The Verdict
The M-TAR combines power and accuracy but sacrifices ranged combat in favor of CQC ability. Low recoil and power is it's strength and is a reliable weapon for beginners and for veterans against many opponents.

Use the M-TAR excessively  at close ranges, if you attempt long range combat make sure the enemy doesn't see you coming.

Thank you for reading and please Follow my Blog, for my next review I will be reviewing Far Cry 3, as for my next weapon guide we'll be looking at the first handgun available, the Five-Seven.

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