Sunset Overdrive Review

There's too many games out there that are bleak, brown and dark. Especially in terms of shooters.

Thank god there's a game out there that fixes all that.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sunset Overdrive.

Whoops! Did we do that?

An energy drink company known as Fizzco has made a new energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT and the unfortunate, unknown side effect of drinking Overcharge is that the drink turns everyone who drinks it into a mutant.


Fizzco didn't intend for that to happen, but what makes them the villain in all this is that instead of trying to fix the problem they instead lockdown all of Sunset City. The outside world doesn't know what is going on inside the city and Fizzco is pulling out all the stops to make sure no one gets out and knows what's going on,

Enter you, the hero, who's job is now to survive the apocalypse by saving any and all survivors in the city and looking stylish while doing so.

However, "the hero" is a bit of a prick. He is indeed what some characters in the game have called him. "An asshole." He looks down at the other characters and holds himself up to this idea that he's the "Amazing superhero that can save everyone!" But he doesn't act like one throughout the story.

It's a shame you can't change how your character acts or behaves with everyone else, because we've got to deal with an asshole for a main character.

Look at the colors!

As stated earlier, Sunset Overdrive thankfully does away with bleak,bland and brown environments and insteads creates a colorful and massive futuristic like world for you to explore. There are many areas that pop out with color and futuristic architecture that makes Sunset Overdrive a visual breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately due to the continuous momentum gameplay design, you can't really stop to appreciate the design of the world or else you will get mauled by the mutants and other enemies. If you're not moving, you're dead.

Which leads me to the gameplay.

Grinding, flying, bouncing and explosions

If you have ever wondered what would happen if Jet Set Radio, Tony Hawk and Ratchet & Clank combined into one form, this is it.

Sunset Overdrive features a highly fluid and crazy way to navigate the open world of Sunset City. You can grind on pretty much any rail, power line and water(for a short time), bounce on cars, awnings, bushes, balloons, boats as well as run on walls to get from Point A to Point B.

Once the game starts and you get to explore Sunset City, you may find yourself not enjoying the amount of freedom you have as there is not an abundant amount of side quests or other activities for you to partake in. You can pretty much go anywhere in any crazy or stylish fashion you want to, but there are maybe 1 or 2 side quests available in the game's chapters. As well as things like weapon challenges, traversal challenges, point challenges and survival challenges.

Random events will happen in the world such as survivors trying to run away from the OD or survivors trapped in cages by Scabs, essentially your survivors that think the best thing to do is steal from other survivors.

But these events are very infrequent and don't have that big of a reward to energize you with a sense of excitement that you will be saving a survivor soon or stopping OD from taking a truck with Overcharge inside.

You find yourself having the most fun when you are completing main story missions and the sidequests you find as you get to meet new characters, unlock new weaponry and unlock more clothes to customize your character in your own crazy way.

There's quite an amount of ways of create your own unique survivor in Sunset Overdrive. Ranging from subtle and practical to outrageously ridiculous designs.

The combat to Sunset Overdrive is very hectic and really fun. Grinding on rails with a gun that fires teddy bears with a pack of TNT strapped to it to kill a big group of mutants is very satisfying. Bouncing on top of cars or parasols to blast a group of enemies with a shotgun that sets targets on fire has its own rewards

Its very fast paced and the amount of chaos you can create with the weapons you have at your disposal does satisfy that Joker like spirit in all of us that want to cause nothing but chaos and look cool when doing it.

Speaking of Chaos....

Sunset Overdrive's cooperative multiplayer component known as Chaos Squad has a group of four players completing certain tasks in certain areas of Sunset City and finishing off a match with a nighttime survival defense wave.

The mode is designed to give players more bonuses such as cash and overcharge to upgrade your character in the main game. These missions are relatively short, especially if you're with a team of players who have weaponry that can cause great deals of damage and chaos.

It runs very smoothly and is not something that I would go back to frequently.

The Verdict

Sunset Overdrive is a crazy, chaos filled, colorful and stylish game.

The biggest problem of Sunset Overdrive is that there isn't really much to do in the massive world of Sunset City in terms of alternate tasks that don't involve the main story.

However, the game is at it's best when your engaged in combat against hordes of the OD and you're creating your character to be as bad ass or ridiculous as you can make them.

I would warn many out there who are expecting an open world with many things to do besides the main story. This is a game where it's best to make progress into the story because of the characters you will meet and the weapons you will find when completing the story.

The cooperative multiplayer is okay, it's not bad in any sense or regard. At best it's a slight time killer with a few bonuses and rewards for playing it.

Sunset Overdrive gets a good 7 out of 10

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