Payday 2(360) Review

There are many games out there that are more multiplayer focused. Competitive and cooperative alike.

Games like Payday 2 are games that are heavily focused on co-op play and nothing but co-op play. You would be a fool to think "I'm going to play this by myself."

This is Payday 2

Maybe there's a story?
There isn't really a story to Payday. I tried to figure out if there was one, to realize there really isn't one. At least to the game.

There is a webseries called Payday The Webseries which does shed a little more light on why the Payday gang is currently operating in Washington D.C. and who their handler, Bain is.

Don't look to play Payday 2 to find an interesting story

Believable yet dated

Although many of Payday 2's environments are not exactly the most up to date, keep in mind this game was released in 2013.

With that said though, environments are designed in a very realistic and believable way. A lot of the street areas, banks and docks you will visit throughout the game look like something you might see in D.C.

But it's the occasional lack of detail, clearly dated graphic designs that make you question "What year was this made in?"

Bring your friends and your bag full of goodies

What Payday 2 lacks in story and in someways visuals. It more than makes up for in gameplay, especially multiplayer.

Gathering your friends to partake in things like bank heists, jewelry store robberies, frame jobs and so many other jobs makes Payday 2 a game with tons and tons of replayability.

There's just something so enjoyable when you gather your friends and take on a very difficult heist without setting off an alarm or getting involved in a shootout with the DC police and FBI and walking away with a ton of cash.

That recently earned wealth can be used to buy several types of weapons. Assault rifles, shotguns, LMGs, pistols and more. Customizing your character's mask by using different materials and color combinations to make an epic mask that nobody else in your crew has.....if you find them by a stroke of luck through a mini card game at the end of each mission in which you can choose 1 of 3 cards that will reward you with weapon mods, extra cash, extra xp, new masks and mask materials.
One can only imagine how long it took him to get that particular mask, that particular pattern and that particular material

The skill trees in Payday 2 truly lets you customize your character with an extensive list of perks and skills to make your character proficient in things like lockpicking, intimidating both civilians and law enforcement so they don't dare try to stop you or call for help.

You can put points to four trees, each with their own set of perks. Mastermind, Technician, Enforcer and Ghost. Each tree will have an option to put down certain equipment or supplies that your friends can use to resupply themselves, heal themselves or use gadgets to make stealing EVEN MORE money easier.

You can spend your money on purchasing new weapons, improving them with modifications making them more stable,accurate or built more for stealth.....if you have them unlocked.

Which leads me to some of my personal gripes with the game.

I hate how I cannot buy a new mask after saving up some cash. I hate that you can't modify your weapon simply by buying a modification. I hate that you can't customize your mask by buying material by also saving some cash.

You can only hope that at the end of every job the card you pick will reward you with a new mask, new modification or new material so that way you can finally have a new mask to wear or a new pattern to try out. If you need modifications to make your gun more stable you are going to be waiting for quite awhile.

It's all chance on whether or not you will get a new mod, new mask or new material.



Do not even bother to think of playing this game alone. While the AI is somewhat helpful in getting you and other AI characters back up after being downed by gunfire. They are at many times inaccurate....even though they're standing in front of the enemy and can't carry any bags containing loot and other important objects.

You need to bring in friends to play this game so that way you can avoid any frustration that the AI characters of this game will bring you.

The Verdict

Payday 2 may not have a story and it may not have eye candy graphics, but it more than makes up for all those short comings with it's gameplay.

There's tremendous amounts of fun to be had with friends when you get together and equip your characters with weapons and equipment to pull off a flawless heist. Plan how to enter into the banks or other areas without setting off an alarm and coming out with boat loads of cash.

There's an extensive amount of perks to purchase and equip to make your character proficient and capable of breaking into anything where money may be found.

Do not bother to play this game solo.

Payday 2 gets a good 7 out of 10

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