Metro 2033 Redux(PS4) Review

One of the many remastered games that came out in 2014 was Metro Redux. A two for one remaster which contained 2010's Metro 2033 and 2013's Metro Last Light.

I missed both titles during the 7th generation and decided to pick up the Redux after hearing good things about both games.

I loaded up the game and was quickly put into the harsh and horrifying world of Metro.

Welcome To The Metro

The story of Metro 2033 is told through the main character Artyom as he ventures from his Metro home of VDNKh to a missile silo named D6 that may contain the firepower necessary to stop a group of creatures known as the Dark Ones.

In between missions Artyom will give out information regarding the story or rumors surrounding the parts of the Metro and surface areas that Artyom is about to explore. These moments I think serve more as a time filler rather than to add to the lore of the Metro. Mostly because they are very short and don't add to the lore all that much.

It is somewhat interesting but there's not really a whole lot there for you to feel that you're heading into a place to be feared or awe struck at what's in the area you're about to visit.

Quite honestly the story's pace is too fast. Characters come and go and these areas that are notorious or famous in the Metro-verse don't really get the attention or description I think they deserve for me to be truly awestruck at what I was looking at or what I was exploring. Some of these areas get small descriptions and quick visits to not make these areas feel important or very interesting. Just stops in the road that slightly slowed down progress in the game.

Teaching an old dog new tricks

A first look at Metro 2033's new look quite honestly gave me the impression that this was a new game made in this game generation. It does not look at all like it was made in the 7th generation; it looks brand new.

The Metro is dark and decrepit with all sorts of of mutated spider webs, skeletons, dead bodies and pools of toxic waste. The Moscow wastes are actually bright but completely filled with ruins of the cities that once stood tall before the bombs fell.

You do come across many ruins that you will explore with caution due to the new inhabitants of the surface.

Survival Horror, Russian Style
To those of you who have played games like Doom 3 and Bioshock you will, in a weird way, feel at home with Metro 2033. If you would break off of the beaten path in Bioshock and Doom 3 to find more ammo and other important items you need to survive. Metro lets you do that in many of the locations you are exploring. However, the twist is that it may not be the best idea to take your sweet time exploring other nooks and crannies of Metro as some locations will require you to use a gas mask and filter. If you end up getting hit from enemies a lot of times or run out of filters. Your efforts to become fully stocked may result in your death. Make sure to check the condition of your gask mask and how much time you have left on your filter before you take your time exploring every nook and cranny of Metro.

The combat in Metro is engaging and does require a plan of attack before you think of firing off your AK or running up to enemies with your double barrel. You can sneak through areas by using throwing knives to kill enemies or come up behind enemies and assassinate them to conserve gun ammunition or use weapons made for stealth or modify certain weapons so they can become your go to stealth weapon.

The stealth approach may not work all the time however. It has some bugs. Like enemies phasing through the wall and then other enemies finding the clipping enemy and alerting everybody else in the area.

Yes that is something that happened to me in the game.

When you finish a few missions you can use special ammunition you may have found in your travels called Rounds that serve both as ammo for increased damage and currency in the world of Metro.

You can buy new weapons and modify them with optic attachments, silencers and others to make the weapon handle better or be more accurate like when firing from the hip or general fire.

There are many areas throughout the game that will scare players in their own ways. There's one location that was filled with nothing but mutated spiders and that horrified me.There is another area with a notorious type of mutant known as a Librarian. It cannot be killed by practical means and they are hunting for you. They'll grab at you through holes in walls or jump run right in front of you without warning.

There are a lot of horror filled moments in the game.

The Verdict

Metro 2033 Redux is an excellent survival horror game. The story has a rather fast pace that rushes through characters and locations but the stunning visuals and gameplay are very well made and for some of the FPS survival horror veterans in the gaming community will feel right at home with Metro 2033.

Metro 2033 Redux gets a great 8 out of 10

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