What Games Do Need

I made a small list of things that a video game does not need.

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So this list, like the list prior. Is mostly going to be things that I personally feel current and future video games need.

Time To Be Developed 

Some games being made out there are made with 2 years of development.

Or games being rushed to hit store shelves just to make coin quickly and have clueless gamers pick-up the next installment in the CoD series thinking they have picked up a "new" Call of Duty game.

If the game takes 4-5 years to develop or more. Develop it, don't rush out your project only for profit and instead work on the game you're making to make sure the game you are working on comes out exactly the way you, the developer, want it to be when the game is finished.

Not  how quickly the publisher wants the game to be finished.

I'm looking at you EA and Activision.

Now development time I feel is important to the design of the game but I also think there's something else that needs to be paired with the time to develop a game.

Focused Development

In recent games we have seen an added multiplayer mode. Arkham Origins got a multiplayer mode, Dead Space 2 got a competitive multiplayer mode and Far Cry 3 had a multiplayer mode.

These modes clearly did not get the same care and attention the single player components did.

If a developer has a good idea of what they want their game to be and what they want to have in the game, they need to focus on that.

Not try to focus on a massive single player component and add in a small multiplayer mode or focus on a massive multiplayer component and add in a small campaign component.

Developers need to focus resources on what they want in the game and what they feel the game does need and doesn't need. Not try to add in things it doesn't need and hope for the best.

This final one I think will make me lose some points with some of the gamer guys out there.

Less Sex Appeal 

First off, in what world is this better battle armor?

As a gamer guy, some of these female characters feel like they're made just to get guys to play the game because of the sex appeal or we end up playing the game not for the game itself, but in hopes that we're going to find more armor that makes these characters look even more "sexier."

I don't mean to get rid of sex appeal entirely. I mean to  lessen  Tera's kind of female armor and less Ivy Valentine's in the video game world where their breasts are bigger than their heads or have female armor in RPGs that end up covering less and less of the female body.

Final Words

When games get less time of development, it ends up reflecting in the finished product and a lot of us do not like the fact that some of those games are getting millions upon millions of dollars for being the same every year.

When they're not rushing development, they try to add 'more' components to their game when they've already put many many hours into making one massive component and then slap another onto the game.

Or, they're trying to attract attention to their games by using sexually themed clothes or characters with unrealistic shapes and figures so male gamers are interested in playing that game with an unbelieveable amount of sex appeal.

These are the things I think a game needs.

Thanks for reading.

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