Thoughts on the Destiny Beta

If you pre-ordered Destiny you got access to the Destiny Beta.

For Playstation 3 or 4 owners, we got access to the Beta this past Thursday. Everywhere you go on the internet that involves gaming has been talking nonstop about how awesome the beta is.

So here's some more talk about how awesome the beta is.

What I've enjoyed about the Beta thus far has been how much fun it is to partake in missions with other players or to explore the world in search of enemies and loot.

I've gotten excited at the sight of Encrypted Engrams with an image of armor or weaponry being blurred out not knowing exactly what I was getting.

The massive amount of exploration in the game has  let my curiosity take hold of me and travel around Old Russia to find different locations that I've never been in and fighting off a big group of enemies that might drop an awesome weapon or better piece of armor. I swear there's a cave somewhere in Old Russia that has some awesome assault rifle for me waiting to be found.

I even liked the fact that even when I reached the level cap, I could still enhance my class skills.

It was like Skyrim's skill system where you could enhance your skills by simply using that particular skill. The more I used my Vortex Grenade, I was able to enhance the ability to be able to throw Cluster Vortex Grenades. The more I used the hover ability, I was able to upgrade it to where it had more control and stability. Even my weapons could be leveled up for different things like better optic scopes or increased damage.

I may have reached the level cap, but there was still something for me to do in the Beta.

I do wish that the level cap was slightly higher in the Beta because I have collected weapons and armor that have either a level 9 requirement or a level 10 requirement. Which I find a bit ridiculous seeing as how the Beta is programmed with a level cap of 8.

What I found interesting and still find interesting about Destiny is the PvP multiplayer mode.

It's pretty cool seeing as how the things you found in the main story of Destiny can now be used in the multiplayer and you can even bring your customized class to the multiplayer.

Better still, you can swap weapons during the multiplayer so you have an advantage in certain engagements.  Secondary a sniper rifle you found but you need your shotgun for the close quarter engagements you're running into?

No problem! You can switch to that shotgun you have in your inventory in a manner of seconds!

It is a very interesting and unique take on a competitive multiplayer mode in a video game and I think many people will enjoy it. Not only for being a way to earn more loot, but also for being  unique.

The public events also spiced things up greatly as one moment I'm calmy driving my Sparrow through Old Russia to then find out that me and a few other players have to take down a Devil Walker together.

There was something for me to do at any given time and point in the game and the only problem was I did not have all the time in the world to do it.

Thoughts on Destiny as a whole

Destiny is shaping up to be a massive hit come this September. The hype is entirely justified for everybody that has played both the Destiny Alpha and the Destiny Beta.

Many people have played both the Alpha and the Beta to only desire more Destiny. To continue to explore the world around them and to search for stronger weapons and better pieces of armor.

To see the full extent of the powers the Titan, Hunter and Warlock have locked away behind a massive EXP wall.

To partake in public events taking down Fallen Devil Walkers or hunting down a Fallen Major.

Bounties for both the PvP multiplayer mode and story mode.

There is already a lot of replayability in the Beta and lord knows how much more there will be in the final product of Destiny.

If you haven't been able to play the Destiny Alpha or Beta and are still somewhat doubtful about the game. Find a friend who has the Beta downloaded and ask him or her if you can play it.

If not, trust me when I say that Destiny is a fantastic game and is going to be a really fun game when it's released.

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