My 5 Favorite Games Of The 7th Gen.

Hello everybody.

Well guys, the eighth  generation is upon us. I think it's time we reminisced; think back to all the great times we have had throughout these last few years.

Many games have been made during the 7th  generation, some that are my absolute favorite games from the Seventh Generation.

These are my personal 5 favorite games of the Seventh Generation

5. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 was actually my first open world RPG that I played. My friends had talked about the game a lot in school. My friend two doors down would not stop talking about how great it was. When I finally got my 360 he let me borrow it.

Awesomeness ensued.

I fell in love with Fallout 3 with the ironically relaxing experience of the game. Listening to The Ink Spots "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" meanwhile blasting a Super Mutant's head clean off with my laser rifle. 

I loved the  freedom you had with the game. There was no path set in stone that you had to follow in order to complete the story of the game. You could beat the main story within 2 days of playing the game and the rest of the time perform side quests to aid the survivors of the Capital Wasteland by scouring the ruins of D.C. for food and medical supplies.

Traveling deep down into the metro tunnels to fight off Savage Ghouls, cautiously traveling through the scared hills, anticipating a strike from a Deathclaw.

It was a fun time for me and Fallout 3 will still have a place in my heart during the 8th generation.


 The game that brought us the most iconic world's in gaming.

Bioshock was a title I had never heard of. One day my best friend Paul told me he rented a game called "Bioshock". I had never heard of it. Neither did he, he was curious about the game after seeing the box art and pictures that were on the back of the box. We put the game into my 360 and then it was revealed.


Bioshock soon became that one game you can come back to time after time throughout the years. Sure, you may remember every little secret of the game. You may be able to play the game without dying. You would still enjoy playing it again. It left such an impression on me.

The Circus Of Value vending machine voice playing in the background, running through the halls of Medical Pavilion with my Zap 'em and Whack 'em combo to conserve ammo and roaming through Arcadia listening to Django Reinhardt.

3. Red Dead Redemption

The Old West medium made a glorious return to the gaming scene with Red Dead Redemption. With Rockstar making sure it made a return.

Red Dead Redemption was my first game I played that was designed by Rockstar. I remember the first time I actually played was when curiosity got a hold of me in my local video store. I watched all the reviews, saw a copy available, rented it and I was hooked.

I would later buy the last copy at Gamestop(I was that lucky!) to finish what I started.

I loved the gun play in the game, I loved taking on bounties in the towns; catching outlaws and bringing them back to the local jail.

I loved taking on hunting challenges, heading up into the mountains hunting down cougars with nothing but my knife.

I loved dueling the loud mouth of the town, soon putting him into an early grave.

Then what made Red Dead Redemption even better was the Undead Nightmare expansion.

Riding around Austin on a horse on fire with hordes of the Undead roaming the plains.


2. L.A. Noire

Another Rockstar title that blew me away.

L.A. Noire had my curiosity due to my interest into detective/mystery novels like Sherlock Holmes and A Series of Unfortunate Events. After I bought it, popped it in. The rest is history.

The acting in L.A. Noire was superb. The story,  full of twists and turns. The city of Los Angeles, beautiful. The car's of the road, elegant, beautiful.

There is a crime to be solved. Justice to be served and you're the only one who can serve it.

It was a game that had a challenge no other game presented to the player. The challenge wasn't to survive every fire fight you came across or conserve your ammo for your tommy gun. It was to test your investigative skills. Reading people's faces, determining who was lying, who wasn't telling the whole story and who was telling the truth.

Finding all the evidence you could to put whoever the perpetrator was behind bars.  Team Bondi made a really great game. One that I'm glad I decided to play.

1.Batman Arkham Asylum


I was so happy to see that there was a Batman game coming out for the 7th generation of consoles. Every time I went to Target, Wal-Mart, Game Stop I would always play the demo of this game.

Arkham Asylum to me, did everything right. The free flow combat system was amazing. Actors reprising their roles from the Animated Series for those of us who grew up watching Batman The Animated Series.  The cast of super villains who occupied the Asylum.

It was a great fan service for those of us who loved Batman.

Like Bioshock, to me, it's one of those games you can't get tired of. You could know everything there is about the game. You still enjoy playing it again from time to time.

Final Words

There you have it, my 5 favorite games of the seventh generation.

Feel free to share your 5 favorite games below. In fact, they don't even have to be 5. List all the games you feel are your favorite games.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

Join me next time when I'll be reviewing DmC:Devil May Cry.

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