DmC:Devil May Cry (2013) Review


I know that many of you dislike this game because of how much they changed Dante's looks.

Hair Gate.

I know this Dante is not the Dante we know and love from DMC 1-4. Trust me on this though guys. This is still a good DmC game!


The story of DmC sets us in a world that is being run by demons. Demons are running the news to misinform and manipulate humanity for their own gain. Keeping the human race docile and unaware of the truth behind the curtain.

(Spoilers Ahead)
Dante, the son of the demon warrior Sparda and angel Eva. Is a young adult, not giving a damn about the world or what happens to it. With one exception, he hates demons.

Soon, he's given a reason to care. The demons begin to hunt him down to kill him, to ensure that no one is alive that may stop the demon's plans.

Dante doesn't understand why until his brother Virgil finds him. Virgil informs Dante of his once forgotten past. He helps Dante remember who his parents are. He who really is.

Dante begins to realize he has a bigger stake in the world than he realized. He soon begins to adapt into the role of 'hero' where he previously thought he was no one.

He begins to care about those around him and what happens to them. He realizes he is someone to the world.

At first you will not like this new Dante. His attitude and his personality. As the story progresses you will begin to like this Dante. In fact, you might actually be surprised as to who you begin to dislike in the story. Aside from the demons.


DmC is quite spectacular in the presentation.

The world you will mainly find yourself in is called Limbo. A reality within reality. Revealing the true face of the world. Where demons roam rampant.

The environments you explore are varied and change dramatically from level to level. The environments twist and contort to make twisted imagery. At the same time, they're full of vibrant color.

The other day I was playing the Nightclub level. It was a really cool world to explore. Probably my favorite world that I explored.

It was like if Tron met Hell.

High octane, vicious, stylized action.

That is what best describes DmC.

The combat in DmC is ridiculously fun. Racking up style points is still as fun as it is in past DmC games. Now, however, the controls are more streamlined for more devastating combos that will result in awesome visual moves.

Dante will have access to the more familiar equipment of DmC. Rebellion, Ebony & Ivory. As well as one demonic weapon and angelic weapon that will each have their own special attributes to take on the many enemies of DmC.

The enemies in later levels begin to come with more variety and more difficulty. Enemies will begin to have immunities to a particular assortment of Dante's weaponry and will at times be immune to even some of Dante's more powerful weapon combos.

This results in many moments where you have to rethink your previous strategy you used in the last level. No particular strategy will always win you the fight. You need to have a clear sense of thought in order to beat every enemy on screen. If you simply throw the same combo over and over again. You're not going to be living for very long.

Amongst the enemy variety. You have many weapons to take out the demons in future levels that can be found to be immune to particular attacks. Instead of using Red Orbs to supply Dante with new abilities, combos and weapon upgrades, you instead have to obtain White Orbs, in a sense, experience points.

These points can unlock your upgrades that you want and need for your weaponry.

The more you upgrade, the more chaos that will ensue.

However, there is one problem I found with the combat.

Unlike in previous DMC games, you could lock on to enemies in order to find a sense of order in the chaos. That lock on system is gone in DmC. It is fun to hack and slash away at enemies. I found though that without the lock on system, you were swinging your weapons around like a lunatic. No sense of aim.

It doesn't necessarily become a problem when you become more experience with the combat. But be weary of  your accuracy to hit your opponents.

The Verdict

Although there was a huge outlash of many dedicated DmC fans over Dante's appearance. There is still a lot of chaotic fun to be had in DmC.

Colorful environments, chaotic fights, enemy variety and weapon variety.

DmC will not get old quick and will bring you something new to fight with a new toy very quickly.

DmC:Devil May Cry gets an 8 out of 10.

Thanks for reading.

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