Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea: Episode 1 Review

Well.....I literally finished Burial At Sea a few minutes ago, good god, why did I pay 15 bucks for this? Burial At Sea.


It's December 31st, 1958 in Rapture. Booker DeWitt is approached by a mysterious woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth is there to help Booker find a missing girl named Sally, a girl believed to be dead by Booker, but Elizabeth says that Booker may be wrong.

Booker and Elizabeth begin there search for Sally.

It is a very short story, maybe the shortest I have ever experienced. It did keep my interest until the end....but the ending is where I began to regret my purchase.

I don't want to spoil anything, but let me just say, it's going to be an ending that will rattle your brain.


Burial At Sea takes us back to the last day of Rapture's beauty. We see the elegant clothing shops, cigarette stores, record stores; a Rapture that many fans might not be expecting, in a good way.

I was stunned at how amazing Rapture looked, I found myself walking off into the shops and other areas of Rapture, like a child exploring Disney Land for the first time.


This is where Burial At Sea; I think, begins to sink(pun intended).

The gameplay is a mix of Bioshock Infinite and some of the original Bioshock gameplay design. The weapon wheel makes a return, no longer do you only get to take two weapons throughout your journey, you get to collect weapons throughout the game and quickly select the right weapon, for the right opportunity. As you would in the original Bioshock.

Familiar Vigors return to Bioshock Infinite, including a new Vigor called Old Man Winter. A plasmid that shoots a blast of ice that can freeze streaming water to make an ice bridge, and of course freeze enemies to shatter them instantly.

The sky hook and sky line also returns but with different titles. The sky hook now the air grinder and the sky line now the penumo delivery rail.

Elizabeth makes a return to help Booker DeWitt with health and eve for your plasmids. She is also back to pick the locks on safes and doors. Her function hasn't changed but her looks definitely have.

Now, I get to some things I criticize this DLC for. How short it is, and it's new approach to combat.

I must have taken about 30 minutes to beat the DLC, I tried to stretch it out as much as possible but it seems my efforts to stretch it out did not work. This is my biggest criticism of the game, the length. While the DLC is great fan service, it is way too short!

Just when it seems the DLC is about to take a very interesting turn in the's over.

It's the biggest fault of the DLC. Nothing disappointed me more about this DLC then how short it is, it's one of the shortest pieces of DLC I have ever played.

The DLC also brings this stealth like approach to combat. Not because the enemies are THAT threatening but because of how little ammo you have for your guns, not because ammo is scarce, but because you are only given one clip of spare ammo for each weapon you use in the DLC. 6 shot revolver? 6 spare shots. Four shot shotgun? Four spare shots.

The Verdict

Burial At Sea is a great piece of fan service DLC. Does it deliver in the quality or quantity departments? No.

If Episode 1 is an indication of what the next episode is going to be like......I really hope Episode 2 is not going to be like episode 1.

Burial At Sea gets a disappointing score of 2 out of 5

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