Top 7 Games to play during Summer 2016!

Oh boy oh boy have I been looking forward to writing another one of these again.

Summer time is here and for many us the time has come to plan out trips to Disneyland, see relatives, go out to eat or get together snacks, drinks and a good rack of ribs to put on the Barbecue over the weekend for some quality summer cook-outs with a cold soda or beer to relax the day away.

While this is going on, some of us out there are also thinking about what games to play over the summer to kill some time until the cookouts start and the trips to head out to Disneyland begin. There are quite the number of games out there that'll be a nice way to either kill some time over the summer or to have a fun day in to avoid the heat. Now for this list we'll actually be taking a trip back in time for some of these games so hopefully you guys and gals have these games either on hard drives or lying around in your game library.

Here are the 7 games to play during the summer for 2016!

7. DOOM(2016)

When the heat of the day is irritating you and you want to find a way to take out that frustration; how about some DOOM?

I've played a good chunk of DOOM so far and not only does this game bring back the spirit of what made the original DOOM so fun but this also adds to what made the original games so fun with  the devastating weapon mods, glory kills and of course the essential arsenal of the DOOM series such as the Chainsaw, Shotgun and BFG 9K. There is a massive demon body count ready to be made.

The heat outside may be beating you down but why not beat down the heat of Hell in DOOM?

6. Left 4 Dead 2

When you and your friends are staying in to avoid the massive heat wave but want to play a game together that is simple fun and does not take a lot to enjoy; play Left 4 Dead 2.

Although very hectic in many parts of the game; especially on higher difficulties. Left 4 Dead 2 is a perfect game for the summer so you and your friends can have fun either blasting through hordes of zombies with shotguns or cutting your way through with a katana and hopefully taking out the Tank before he can destroy everyone in the group.

Have a cold glass of ice tea on the side to chill out with good ol' fashion zombie killin'

5. Star Wars Battlefront 1&2(2004&2005)

We're going back a little over a decade for these two,

I know it's kind of cheating by recommending two games but trust me when I say either one of these Battlefront games are an awesome way to have some gaming fun over the summer, especially with friends.

Say you have a buddy over and after spending most of the day in the pool, you want to come in to dry off and play something co-op to have good old fashioned cooperative fun . Dust off that PS2 or Xbox and put in a copy of Star Wars Battlefront and you and your friend will have some good Star Wars fun before EA's Battlefront came in and wrecked it all.

Yeah I said it!

I recommend this from personal experience as I remember distinctly once the school semester was over me and my friends got together at our friend's house that had a PS2 and had just gotten a copy of Star Wars Battlefront we had a lot of fun. Even though it was just two player it was fun just to watch each other try to take out as many Droids or Rebels before being blasted away by blaster fire or being obliterated by an AT-AT.

It was a perfect way to begin summer and I promise everyone out there who is a Star Wars fan and loves a good co-op experience and also wants to know what it's like to play a GOOD Battlefront game, this is the way to do it.

When you have your best bud over and want to play something fun, pop in that copy of Battlefront or buy it off of Steam and get a friend of yours to join you in your Galactic Conquest. There is much fun to be had over the summer through these games.

4. Halo 1, 2 or 3

Again, cheating as this time it's three games instead of one, but I want to clarify that I am not recommending that you play all three original Halo games over the summer.

Either alone or with friends, cooling off with the fan in your room and you want to play something classic, the original Halo trilogy is there for you and your friends to enjoy.

I recommend the original trilogy so you get the classic, tried and true Halo co-op game-play. The days back when in Halo you did not have to worry about jet boosters or ground pounds but rather simply picking up your favorite weapon and doing all the damage you can with the ammo available.

3. Alien:Isolation 

I've probably caught a lot of you off guard with this one, let me explain.

Summer nights for some of us are an opportunity to pop some popcorn and watch a good horror flick. Movies like Friday the 13th or Poltergeist(original). For some, this is a good time for a horror game and what better than Isolation?

Between the cold and ironically calm Savastapol Station at points and one the excitement of either fighting the Xenomorph off or tricking the Xenomorph to fall into a trap of yours this would be a nice horror game to play over the summer.

Bring your friends along as well so you all can be horrified by the sudden attacks of the Xenomorph.

2. Super Mario Sunshine

What more could you ask for in a game for summer?

Beaches, water parks, luaus, tropical fruits and a water jetpack; perfect.

Super Mario Sunshine is the game to play when you're simply filled with anticipation with going to the water park yet there's some time to kill before you can actually go.

Plus it's a fun Mario game filled with all sorts of bright colored visuals and sounds, it's what should a proper summer should be filled with.


Bright colors, outstanding visuals and absolutely insane stunts to pull off to either kill everyone with a bunch of bullets or a load of explosions that would Michael Bay want to see if he can make his own Far Cry movie...

Far Cry 4 I recommend as the one game you should absolutely play over the summer is that summer is a time to enjoy having time to yourself and being able to do a lot of the things you can think of doing. Of course I do not mean that you should play this game instead of actually going out and doing stuff like going to the beach, go travelling or mountain climbing. I recommend this game as a means to go with what this time of the year means for a lot of us.

I hope some of you guys have some of these games on hand as I know I'll be playing some of them when there's nothing planned for the day or the BBQ outside is almost finished or there's time to kill before the big trip out of town.

Enjoy the summer everyone

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