DOOM(2016) PS4 Review

This is very much a late to the party review seeing as how DOOM was released a month ago and I didn't finish the game until a few days ago but I'm here now to review the game and oh man oh man was this a fun experience.

If this game had been released back in the nineties you can be sure parents would have flipped their lid even more with the fact that this game exists.

This is DOOM

The Invasion of Mars

For those of us that have played the original DOOM games (DOOM to DOOM 64) there has never been much of a story. You were just a marine that happened to be the soul survivor on the UAC base during a demonic invasion and fighting your way through the base all the way into the depths of Hell.

DOOM 2016 introduces a story and a new origin story for the DOOM marine. The story goes over what the UAC was doing on Mars, how the invasion happened and who exactly the DOOM marine is.

What I like about the story is that it's totally optional to what you want from your DOOM experience. You could potentially go throughout the entire game not giving any time to the story, there will be moments where you will be in a cutscene where one of the characters are explaining the situation and why you're heading to the place where you need to go in order to stop the demons from being able to this or crippling your chances to stop the invasion but really you could completely ignore the reasoning and the exposition and simply think "Yeah, yeah, yeah....where are the rest of the demons? I want to shoot more demons!"

It's completely up to you as the player if you want to know what's going on or just be playing the game for the game itself.

Welcome to Hell on Mars

DOOM looks amazing. DOOM runs at 1080p 60fps on id's new id Tech 6 engine and it looks amazing.

What I liked about exploring the world was that each area would stand out to me by showing off things such as new architecture, sounds and environments that look either just as interesting or even more interesting than the last environment.

One area in particular stood out to me as I found myself in a laboratory where clearly what was happening was that the UAC was helping  the demons by attaching UAC tech to the demons. Where the UAC had also taken and captured the demons to understand the demons and their capabilities.

Both Mars and Hell has never looked better.

This is my Boomstick

Here we are! The main course of DOOM 2016.

Some of us who have played the original DOOM know exactly how the gameplay was and how you played the game. DOOM 2016 brings back the core elements of what made the original DOOM games so fun but also bring back new elements which do not interfere with making this game play and feel like a new DOOM game.

There are demons, imps and zombies of all kinds to kill and you have to kill all the enemies you see with the weapons and ammo you have. In terms of weapons there is the very familiar, tried and true, arsenal of DOOM weapons. Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher and of course the BFG 9K with a few new weapons tossed into the mix to make things a bit more interesting.

Added into the mix of weapons are weapon mods, small modifications that can transform the weapon to include a new attribute that will help in causing as much mayhem as possible. Things like adding an explosive shot to the shotgun or adding a lock-on ability for the rocket launcher to shoot multiple rockets at once and the list goes on.

There is also an RPG like element to DOOM as throughout the game you will find Elite Guards lying around with a Praetor Token that can be used to upgrade the DOOM Marine's own Praetor suit with perks and abilities. Although it must be noted that you do not necessarily have to use these tokens to upgrade your suit or even think about upgrading your suit in the first place. Adding to the element are also hidden Rune Trials that will allow you to gain small bonus perks such as gaining armor from glory kills, increasing the distance in which you absorb health or ammo drops and things like having infinite ammo if you have over 75 armor.

With that said though, what I also like about the game is that you can make or break the game as you see fit. You can either make the game as easy as possible or as challenging as possible. Yes you could indeed enter a room full of demons but have infinite ammo cause of your Rune bonus but really you do not have to use the Rune to get by. With the Praetor Tokens, you could have many perks to help you out such as not being hurt by environmental threats like exploding barrels. In fact, you could potentially go through the entire game without picking up any weapon mods for your guns and instead just finding a new gun and proceed to the next area without any sort of weapon modifications to help you get by.

The best way to probably summarize the gameplay of DOOM is that it is really up to you how you want to play, how you want to experience it. Sure we all go through the same areas and same levels as everyone else who played the game but the experience will be slightly or entirely different depending on the choices you make with your arsenal of weapons and suit upgrades.


Here is where things get a bit odd...

Many have criticized the multiplayer aspect of DOOM for being a multiplayer that we have seen before. Elements we have seen before and game modes we have seen in first person multiplayers before.

I personally enjoy it and really like the fast paced gameplay that the multiplayer presents. There is also a big amount of customization when it comes to how your player looks like and how the weapons look like as well. There are a lot of customization options to unlock in the multiplayer.

There is though a problem with variety as by now it has been established that super-shotgun and chaingun are the most preferred weapons in the multiplayer. Not because they are over-powered, rather they're simply more effective in the multiplayer than most weapons.

Quite honestly this aspect of the game will be either a hit or miss for a lot of you out there. You either like it or you don't and frankly you do not need to touch the multiplayer at all to enjoy DOOM.


DOOM 2016 is an awesome first person shooter experience and it's an experience with a first person shooter that I honestly have not had in awhile where it was so much fun that I simply wanted to keep coming back to in order to find secrets or test my skills against the hordes of Hell.

There is a lot to discover and really the experience that you have in DOOM is one that you can create yourself with the choices you make with your given arsenal of weapons and upgrades.

Fans of the original DOOM you will not be displeased with what DOOM 2016 has to offer.

DOOM gets an awesome 9 out of 10