Top 7 Games To Play During Summer 2014

Summer Vacation.

A time that many of us whom attend school anxiously wait for. For non-gamers, it's a time to sleep in, relax, go out to lunch with friends and family. Go to the movies to see Transformers(maybe).

For gamers however, it's the time we spend many sleepless nights tapping away at our A buttons and make sure we blast away that camping asshole whose gamertag is "xXLeGiT-SkElZXx"

We wake up, eat and spend the rest of the day playing our collection of video games. We don't need to plan out the day, we already have a plan.

Like last year I made a list of 7 games to play during Summer. Unlike last year, this list of games is more of a mix of games that I think fit the season and games that I think are fun and best to be played when you have nothing but time on your hands. Rather than games that only fit the season.

I hope you saved up some cash and are looking forward to spending countless hours playing some good games.

These are the seven games you should play during Summer 2014.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

 This game in particular I think is an obvious choice. Think about it.

This game has been praised as the best open world game we saw hit the 7th generation of consoles. There was so much to do, so much to see and so much fun to be had.

Steal a high powered sports car and go over 100 mph through the highway,get the attention of the police and start a fire fight in the street, go to a strip club.

GTA V is the game appropriate for the summer as it is a game that is meant to do nothing but occupy your time with many many hours of fun. Especially when you get friends together to play the game. The experience is made  even better as you can create a party for car races and even create a gang to become the most notorious group of lawbreakers in Los Santos via GTA Online.

There is so much for you to do in this game that trying to playing the game during a school semester is not recommended.

6. Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag

Seriously, do I even need to explain why?

Like GTA V there are many things for you to do in this game. Sail the open seas with your crew singing a shanty, run on rooftops to then jump down to assassinate a guard. Become the scourge of the sea by raiding ship after ship.

When summer vacation comes around, this is the game you want to play while trying to cool off in your room with the AC on. A game that's best suited for anyone trying to relax with a good game in front of them.

5.Call of Juarez:Gunslinger

So Summer has come around. You're in your room(or living room) thinking of what to do to pass the time until your folks are done BBQing some ribs or grilling some burgers. Maybe you're waiting for your friends to come over so you guys can chow down on some of those ribs that will be done in a bit.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger is that game to occupy that time. The Western themed shooter  has you blasting your six shooter and lever action rifle  in what has to be the best shooting gallery game I've ever played.

Maybe you've come back from Disneyland with your folks and you still want to do something fun. Call of Juarez Gunslinger is that game.

Dual wield six shooters, sawed off shotguns and blast your way through town shootouts and train raids.

4.Halo 4
Yes, I did put Halo 4 at the number four spot on purpose.

You have that Xbox 360 still lying around? Wondering what game you should get to play over the break? Look no further.

I can personally vouch for how fun and awesome this game is,the gameplay is Halo at it's best. If you remember playing Halo Reach and not enjoying what Bungie did with the game, Halo 4 is there to get rid of the bad taste Reach left in your mouth.

Halo Reach had the DMR, Halo 4 has the Mantis Mech.

You should especially get the Game of The Year Edition of Halo 4. You get all the DLC for the multiplayer, all the game modes and even bonus content for the multiplayer and your 360 avatar and background.

It's bang for your buck.

If your friends have this game and you don't, you should go get this game so you can play with them. There will be a lot for you and your friends to enjoy during the vacation.

Once you have this game, you know what you and your friends can do in the afternoon.

3.Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2

This is kind of cheating as these are two games suggested.....but this is my top 7 list and not yours.

Honestly, both of these games are probably the best in the line of Star Wars games released in the 6th generation of gaming.

It's 3rd person Star Wars action at it's best. Blaster rifles, laser pistols, missile launchers. Imperial walkers, Republic ships such as the Jedi Starfighter and the iconic X-Wing.

If you do get around to playing this game I recommend you get another friend so you and him/her can play split-screen.

Like Halo 4, I can vouch for this game. Me and my friends would gather around and play Battlefront many days out of the week. Especially when Summer vacation came around.

If you have a PS2 or Xbox around the house. Either Battlefront one or two should be on your list of games to play during Summer.

2.The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim

No assault rifles, no shotguns, no rocket launchers or little kids screaming racial slurs or insults at you for beating them at CoD. Skyrim is that game for you.

The game is huge with many areas to explore and visit. You can walk 5 miles in Skyrim and you might have stumbled upon 3 caves with thieves, monsters or dangerous animals with nothing but loot to be found.

Or you might have fought against 2 giants and a dragon on your way to one of these caves and locations. Either way, you're in for a good time.

The relaxation of the game comes with it's atmosphere. When you're not fighting these monsters or dragons you're exploring the beautiful land of Skyrim, along with the calming soundtrack.

You're on your own quest on your own time and you can do whatever you want to do when playing this game.

1.Red Dead Redemption

Yeah yeah I know.

"You used this game last year!"

Like I said, my list, not yours.

Red Dead Redemption still to this day I think is the game for summer.

The old west, outlaws, six-shot revolvers, lever action rifles.

Riding horseback through cactus fields, saloons, blackjack, poker.

Hunting coyotes, jaguars, rabbits and bears.


This is THE Summer game to play.

Alone or with friends. You're getting a good game for the season.


Many of us are looking forward to Summer Vacation returning.

Gamers especially look forward to the break as the time to finally have time to play games without worrying about doing anymore Algebra homework.

We're looking forward to the days when we can relax with a good game in front of us, the smell of BBQ coming from outside and a cold Dr.Pepper in the fridge with our name on it.

This list is meant to give you guys some pointers on what games to play when the summer hits just in case you don't know what you should play first.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


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